Monday, January 15, 2007

Bud, don't be mad.


Warren Beatty picks up the Cecil B. DeMille award. Don't get me wrong, love the WB. Need to see more of his films. But seriously, the lemon-rosemary chicken was ready just as this was happening. Perfect timing. No matter how cool the recipient, don't tell me you're not all in the bathroom during this stuff.

Cute speech, though. Especially singling out his wife. Good call, my friend.


daveyyojimbo said...

A bit rambling but the last bit to his wife was incredibly touching. Did you notice his grimace when the footage of Shampoo was rolling? My God, the hair!

Ellen Aim said...

I may have been having said wee about that time...I kinda got the feeling he was mostly grimacing through all of it!