Monday, January 15, 2007

Don't try to play detective.


"America held its breath?" Are you serious? No one holds their breath in the first season. You made Danny fall in love with Jordan over a twenty-minute time span, it's hardly the Daphne-Niles of its time. And anything involving Harriet makes me roll my eyes. Let's start making these ads a WEE BIT less self-important, shall we?

And Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a car ran her over. I always though Sex and the City did an AMAZING job of making her look presentable. Total butter face.

And far more importantly,

The adorable Bill Nighy wins!!! WOOHOO!! And followed immediately by...

WOOHOO! And I still say she's lookin' mighty foxy tonight. Can't find pics of her at the GG, of course. Who cares what she wins for, Elizabeth I or Prime Suspect, she's just awesome.

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