Sunday, January 28, 2007

No, actually he's a selfish, incorrigible monster with a heart made of shit and splinters.

Hooray for the Albertsons bakery boy!

I was out for my chipotle ranch sauce (yes, fried pickles, whatever) and because I was ravenous and only vaguely familiar with their bakery, I had to nose around and look at all the bread and cakes. Mmmm. I saw some tasty ones that were pretty cheap and I thought hey, D's been working some pretty crappy hours, I bet he'd like a surprise cake. So I walked up to the glass case to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Inside were three small but savory little cakes, each priced for $1.99. No way, I thought. Just then, our hero emerged from the back and asked if I needed help. I asked him about the cakes, saying there must be a mistake and surely they aren't that cheap. He looked and said I was right--they were dated for freshness and that price just happened to be (mistakenly) on there. So I pointed out that all three were like that, thanked him as he started to fix them and meandered slowly away, drooling over things down the way.

"Actually, ma'am," (which in retrospect is slowly starting to annoy me more the older I get), he called out, "since you were nice enough to point these out to me, I'm happy to mark one of them $1.99 for you."

I offered thinly veiled restraint, "Oh, are you sure?" or somesuch. I think he said, "Sure, which one?" and hopefully I didn't run him over with, "OkayIwantthechocolateone!"

So now we have a chocolate cake with strawberries on it and he actually put it in a too-large container because it was a $0.99 container. I took the corners on the drive home as if I had my kitten in the car.

And speaking of kittens, I finally watched Take Care of My Cat this afternoon. Just started from the beginning since it had been a while. Meh. I did like it. Wasn't wild about it. But don't worry, Alex, I could be wrong and it may be one that stays with me; it had some good moments. Depressing characters, good ending.

Don't. Don't. Don't watch Great New Wonderful (or Quinceanara for that matter). The first was dull as shit and a failed experiment. The latter was ok. Slow but not painful. Just kind of a nice snail-paced story. Kinda dull. Nothing special.

Speaking of nothing special I'm off to polish off the Strangers With Candy disc. Might as well finish. Fried pickles will help (I hope).


Blancodeviosa said...

that is so awesome when that happens.. like the nascar checkers i bought for my brother-in- law at hastings. only paid 1.99 for those bad boys. thank god

Ellen Aim said...

Nascar checkers! How funny. I hope they gave you a black bag like at the porno store.