Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nice place. Come here often?


I tried to post a review of Kontroll on BSL, but when I tried to submit it, it denied me and ATE my review. And I KNEW!!! just as I clicked on the little save button, I thought, "I REALLY should have copied and pasted that first." Oh well, next time.

I like the new format, though.

Anyway, this was a Hungarian film about the ticket inspectors in the Budapest subway system. Really impressive. Simple enough story, but the characters (including the subway) and the look really make it worth watching. Lots of great shots and moments. Has its darker side, for sure, not to mention a fairly vague ending (which is not annoying).

It keeps coming back to me and I enjoy it more as time passes. A good recommendation from my dad. It will merit more viewings, for sure.

Finished the first half of Prime Suspect (The Final Act, or Chapter, or whatever the hell it's called). God is it sucking.

Time to check the mail, maybe the mail faerie brought me Netfux. If the mail even made it here today...


Anonymous said...

oh damn. that bites one

Mob said...

Sorry girl, I've been there more than once...I've started doing everything in Word, if only to have a copy for myself whenever Skinny deletes the site in a few years.

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks guys. We all know the pain and it never stops being a bitch.

I'm usually so wise in my saving.