Friday, January 19, 2007

You're only making me refill the napkin holders because of my firmly held beliefs on the subject of ass to mouth.

Oh yeah, so the other day when it snowed, I got to watch a few movies. First up was The Girl in the Cafe, as I make my way through my unseen Billy Nighy flicks.

As a bonus it has Kelly MacDonald, cuter than ever. The movie is actually kinda cute, too. It's got two awkard characters, a little May-December (are those even the right months?) romance and some watered down sentimental politcs, which betray it for the made-for-TV movie it is. But British made-for-TV is better than American made-for-TV, as always. And it's set in Reykjavik, which is a little weird because it's for a G8 Summit meeting and not only am I pretty sure that Iceland is not one of the 8 nations, I'm also pretty sure those 8 nations are the only ones to host the Summit? I could be wrong, I was a film major.

Anyhoo. Great performances, absolutely. I liked it even though I kinda hated The Message.

Gideon's Daughter was up next in the Netfux queue, but then Mr. Nighy went and won a Golden Globe for it the other day and now it's on "Super Long-Ass Wait" or whatever. So they sent me the first disc of season 3 of The L Word, a show of which I cannot believe we're in the third season. It's really not good. But we keep watching. (And mocking, of course).

Then for me, it was a return to Grizzly Man, which I still love. D had not seen it, and that was just unacceptable.

I still feel exactly the same way about it. This guy was such a freakshow, but hey, a good guy and he really did seem to know what he was doing. He really did just happen to run into a bad bear and yes, I'm sure that was bound to happen sooner or later (which brings us back to the original argument, Hey, asshole, what are you doing trying living with bears?) Doing it for thirteen years before getting eaten says something. I think.

The fox moments are still some of the best footage ever. And jesus does this look good on my TV. It really is some gorgeous footage of Alaska.

And then we watched Clerks II, which we both saw in the theatre. It has about three bad scenes and boy do they suck. Real good for tossing firewood on or taking a wee and not having to pause it. But the rest of it is really great. At this point, it's making my top ten for the year. I hope that as I wind up my viewings of 2006 something a little more meaningful knocks something sillier off, cause at this point, my ten has a few too many goofy flicks. But hey, they made the biggest impression this year, what can I say?

Going to have to buy it, though, to get through all the hysterical commentaries.


Veloute said...
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Veloute said...

Grizzly Man. Yeah, that was a very bizzare movie. I personally think he was totally nuts for living with bears. They're BEARS.

The fox was hella cute, though.