Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mr. Rabbitte, you've been collecting unemployment benefit for two years. Are you trying to tell me you can't get a job?

THIS IS AWESOME. Like...Japanese Mortal Kombat. But with young Japanese girls. In bikinis. With pies. On electronic "bulls." Thanks for this, dad!

And speaking of resorting to just about anything for money (though you KNOW there's no money involved, this is just "fun" or "cute" or something equally disturbing)...the job search doth continue. Our wee lab can stay open through next week now, it would seem. I find myself almost preferring this unstable job I love rather than taking a crap job NOW. But then my brain kicks in.

I have an interview tomorrow with a major airline (I won't tell you which one so when I get hired I can bitch about them and not worry about it biting me in the ass). It would be dealing with inbound calls for their customer benefits program. I hope I'm right in thinking it sounds fairly low on the hostile-o-meter. I mean, you always have bitches but I think this is more for Q&As. It pays a little less than what I make now but is in the range of the other things on the table. Plus, say it with me now, free flying. Space available, of course, but still. FREE FLYING. Gee, what's a huge expense that prevents me from travelling more than I'd like? Ah yes, the cost of FLYING. And in two years, my family would benefit as well (so, 99% of the people who read this). Right now it would be just myself and D.

That would start Feb 5th if I don't bunge the three hour interview tomorrow. She said the application was intense. I said the online one (which involved recalling TEN YEARS WORTH of addresses and employment) was harsh, she said watch out, baby. Watch out. Or something similar. And no, this is not the FBI I'm applying with, again, this is an airline. But yeah, I get it, I get it. As long as they only need my bloody type. I'm afraid I don't know my cats'.

Sadly, the wenches at the retail job I loathe and despise called me today and hired me. When asked when I could start, I said next Monday. You know, delay the nightmare. She said hey, that's our floorset, can you work that? So of course it's a little late for me to say, uh, fuck no. And anyone who knows what a floorset is knows the loathing. You're re-setting the entire look of the store, from the shelves and hardware, to all the crappy little outfits, to whether the hangers are wooden or plastic. It blows sweaty donkey balls the size of China. And then some. So I agreed, praying I'll have an alternate by that time. Aaaaaand it's a shift from 7pm to 3am, not that you go home automatically at 3am...you leave when you are done, and that ain't 3am.

God I hate these bitches. BIT. CHES.

The temp thing sounds vaguely promising, especially if you like your prospective employment to be merely a vague promise of something that won't make you feel like a moron. Like today. She offered me a temp thing through early Feb as a receptionist at an insurance agency. Only...uh...not only did they lose their admin person, the office manager left as well. So you won't actually have anyone, uh...training you. They do have another office manager now, but he's new, too. (She stressed that he's nice but demanding. I assume this is her way of both covering her ass and making sure she fills the position, all at once). I had to turn it down in view of tomorrow's interview (was that clause cute or awkward?), but at least this gives me hope for future positions.

Did I mention my loathing for the retail gig? And yes, beggars can't be choosers. Blahblahblah.

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Mob said...

Aw, c'mon, you have insurance, how hard could it be to sell it to someone else?

I feel your pain, there's a lot of retail bullshit out there, but nothing at all interesting.

I may live to regret my fuck you to my old life...