Saturday, November 25, 2006

I thought that rabbit was eating your head.

Sometimes I get bothered by the fact that my blog is one of those "Yesterday, my cat pooped," type blogs. I get a little bogged down wishing I should write about more interesting things...and I've noticed the blogs that really entertain me (as far as ones written by people I don't know) are written by single people. Even when I was single I didn't have a lot of drama going on, but being single and/or dating is just ripe for ranting. But then, I counter this thought by thinking that if I can make a "My cat pooped," blog funny and/or interesting, that's a much harder challenge. I should be able to make any topic interesting, if I'm a good writer. Theoretically. And then I'll just bore the shit out of you in the meantime while we're all waiting for it to happen. Plus if I freak out too much about the content and whether or not it's interesting enough, I'll probably stop writing, thereby defeating the purpose of this being an exercise in almost-daily writing.

Maybe I'll write about other people's drama. I won't write about work because while I would love to go into far too much detail about those people, there are only six of us and if there's a keystroke logger on the lab computer or something, then I'm just screwed. The owner may be non-confrontational and supremely lazy, but that doesn't mean he isn't paranoid like the rest of us.

An entire book could be written about my best friend and her ex, previously written about as MOH and Ex. I think at this point it's just too repetitious and annoying to be entertaining. As I'm good friends with Ex, he often seeks out my advice which is probably not the best idea since I'm better friends with MOH, though she and I do talk less on the subject. I've been out of ideas on what to tell Ex for the past three years, yet he still seeks out my opinion. I feel bad, I wish I knew what to say. They've just been on and off again for about eight years, she sporadically cheats and then tells him about it and/or breaks up with him and he waits in the wings. I used to (try to) imply that he should grow a sac and move on and really break it off but that never really happened and now there's money involved and a whole bunch of mini-drama. Again, this has been going on in some form or other since 1999. At some point it gets so old and typical that it just blows your mind because the cycle lives on and refuses to die. In any case, it's none of my business and I realize Ex just wants to vent to me but I say the same thing OVER AND OVER and feel like I'm no help whatsoever.

And since I don't have any friends who live near me, there's no good drama there...

I've been thinking about auditioning for a play, which I have not done in years and would be fun. I need to take advantage of the fact that this is the first time in months I haven't had three jobs. At first I was moving, setting up the house and getting ready for a wedding. Now it's xmas time and I'm greedily enjoying the holiday time rather than working to earn more money. Which would make far more sense if I wanted to hit Japan in the spring. But Ellen Aim has never gone in for this "making sense" business. Plus she would rather just get a whole new job altogether, especially since the current one seems to always be on the brink of closing forever. And there is NOTHING. more. depressing. than. looking. for. a. job. Nothingnothingnothing. Nothing makes you feel more worthless or helpless. I am 1,000% convinced that "who you know" is how EVERYONE gets a job. Therefore I'm basically screwed. And since I refuse to leave the house, I am basically my own problem.

It's almost ten in the morning, I guess I probably can't make a drink just yet.

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