Thursday, November 09, 2006

She's got an awfully large chest to be going to church.

Ok, so being married and having nothing huge and stressful looming over me doesn't seem to improve my blogging score. I still suck.

Aaaaaaaand I have nothing much to really go on about.

We're working out the kinks in the TiVo.
My spa won't heat.
If my job doesn't have a kick-ass Christmas I think all our jobs or at least our decent hours/wages may be at stake.
The dork room is slowly coming along.

There, you're updated. Ok, I used to be a straight-A student, let's see if I can do a little bullshit-fleshing-out.

First of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE the TiVo. But we call it Patrick because we're not really sure why Mr. Bateman tapes the things he does unless he's just being selfish. But OH. MY. GOD. I can watch Bill Maher and Anthony Bourdain whenever the hell I want. I've died and gone to heaven. HBO is free for three months, so I've got to find a couple things to entice D to keep it. Bill Maher is really not his cup of tea. TiVo is the coolest thing ever. Fast-forward the ads, tape any damn thing I want and maybe just delete it on a's completely at my (our) mercy. Now if only it would stop taping Disney cartoons and Oprah. I can guess the math on the first one, but come on, Oprah?

Yeah, my spa won't heat. My dumb ass emptied the secondary valve in addition to the main valve this last time when I was dumping the old water and therefore have invited air pockets into my spa's little world. You only do this when "winterizing" your spa (or "summerizing" in my case...the fuck would anyone use a spa for in the summer?) so it does come up, but I cannot seem to resolve my issues. I blew out the air pockets with the hose but still to no avail. My local spa man has been very helpful on the phone and may swing by to check it out. As long as the heater isn't kaput, as they no longer make them for this model and a whole new heating system would run $400-500. Fingers crossed, people. It's my fault. I said, "I'm going to Japan!" out loud and kharma heard me and is now forcing me down on my knees before it. Screw the spa, Japan is better.

I'm so not talking about work. It's not that I have anything but moderate ambivalence for the job, I just don't care to waste my time writing about that job. I remind myself again and again, however, that however little I may do, I do have the good fortune of really liking the three people I mostly interact with. Most of you met two of them at the wedding. The dude with the camera was Cinema Mark (who looks Hispanic but is infact half Japanese) and the woman wearing pearls dressed as a WASP with the Cinderella daughter (and husband with a keg of pumpkin beer wearing a large white dress) was Donna, my co-lab-conspirator. I take the fabulous co-workers thing for granted each and every day. Donna is nearly exactly like myself in opinions and is so wonderful to have around for banter (she also has a extensive knowledge of things I'm trying to slowly relate to, like healthy food). And I must be rubbing off a little because when I first started working there she absolutely never she's nearly as bad as myself.

D put up a few things in the dork room, it's looking far better than before. We even snagged a really cool Serenity poster in Austin from my longtime poster dealer. He said he'd only recently acquired them, so it's pretty damn cool. Even if River is the largest character on it. Groan.

And speaking of Serenity, vaguely...ok, it just reminds me because Nathan Fillion is in Adrienne Shelly's new movie. My friend J and I were following this story last week and this because he was a really big fan, especially after meeting her and bonding over a favorite writer. I know her from being a (previously) big Hal Hartley fan. (Seriously, in the past few years, so over it. Except for Amateur, still probably in my top ten.) Anyhoo, last week it was reported that she'd apparently committed suicide (from hanging by a bedsheet in the bathtub) and now it has come out that she was infact murdered. She was complaining of noise from the apartment being renovated downstairs and one of the constructions workers followed her back upstairs and they got into it. Alex sent me a great New York Times article about the details. I had a hard time understanding how he got from punching her to suddenly using a bedsheet to hang her in the bathtub in a really shady-looking (but he nearly got away with it!) suicide. And of course, she was just unconscious (unbeknownst to him) and it was infact the hanging that killed her.

Ok, back to less heavy things.

I bet I can use the TiVo to tape naughty things too!

If only they were any good...

Wait, I can do better! First Britney and K-Fed, now Witherspoon and Phillippe?? Ok, sorry, can't even pretend to give a rat fart. Never got over Ken and Emma, so as if I could take those morons seriously...

And thank you very much, maybe my getting up at the ass-crack of dawn and voting the other day didn't mean SHIT here in Texas, but by god, I will so take pleasure in the fact we finally have both the Senate and House back. I sort of rubbed it in to my realtor Sam the other day (one of our gay Republican friends, yes, he really does exist), as I told him to tell his husband Lee how sorry I was about the House (Senate was not official at the time), and even he totally admitted he wasn't surprised. Wow.

My wine glass is empty. And this has probably been a long enough break from writing wedding thank-yous. And I WILL finish the Austin story. I just like long pauses.


sKincarver said...
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sKincarver said...

Let's try that again...

Totally off topic, but I made you this today!

Happy married life!

Corinthian said...

Lol! That cracked me up. Eye always thought that eye would look pretty good with a third i. Now eye know.

Veloute said...

Now I totally forgot what I was going to write. Eye'm freaked out.

Hey, that was good pumpkin brew.

Lone Star Ma said...

Congratulations on your wedding!

I hate to stereotype people, but I really just don't understand gay Republicans. Unless they just admit that money is all that matters to them, I guess. Hrm.

Ellen Aim said...

Hey there, LSM! Thank you!

And I don't get them, either. I honestly just chalk it up to money also.

Ellen Aim said...

And LOVE the eye, Skinny. His head was just...missing something, and I couldn't figure it out.