Thursday, November 16, 2006

It was so good I almost peed my pants!

Ohmyohmyohmy. I don't care what happens the rest of the day, my day is already complete. I handed in my soul when I did it, but I now own the new Sarah McLachlan CD I didn't even know about. I no longer have a soul because I was standing in Starbucks when it happened. Yes, I am a corporate whore who bought a goddamn CD at Starbucks and you can all bite me. I would never buy a CD from Starbucks. Never! I feel gross enough buying coffee. But I have a weakness for Christmas stuff (good Christmas stuff, that I like, it's a small category, you must understand) and I have a special weakness for Sarah. How could I have been expected not to buckle like a little bitch? I was so fucking happy I practically squealed when I got back in the car. I had to use my earring to get the cellophane off, but I got there.

And when I bought it, I slid it over to the cashier and said, "And don't tell anyone, but ring this up, too."

C: "Oh my god, I didn't even know she had a new one out!"

EA: "I know!"

C: "And it's a Christmas album. I love her."

EA: "If anyone should have done a Christmas album..."

C: "Yeah."

EA: "Hell yeah."

And she gave me the big "hell yeah" nod. It was a bonding moment.

And then, even better, as I flipped to the back (cause let's face it, she could be singing the contents of the back of a cereal box and I'd buy it) and my obscure little xmas song River is on there. I nearly peed myself. Alex will totally roll her eyes but the only other way I've heard that song is the version of Robert Downey, Jr. doing his best Bruce when he did his little stint on (shudder) Ally McBeal. And before anyone of you makes even the slightest snigger about what the hell I was doing watching Ally McBeal, I say that first you must live in a country where they do not speak English and see what you start finding acceptable as TV viewing. Anyway, the song is a real downer. I like it alot.

See? So no matter how shitty today is, I have my Sarah and I have a TOASTY-ASS spa waiting at home. And rummy eggnog. Hard to beat. Ok, back to work.


alex said...

HEE! YES! See, I suck--I saw that at Starbucks Monday, but I'm so cripplingly poor I just petted it. *lusts*

LOL, are you sure you're thinking of me? Cuz I'm not sure what "River" is, or why I'd diss you for your AMcB addiction. ;) Watching those in Tokyo was damn fun.


Ellen Aim said...

I'll bring it for you this weekend (I'll have dumped it onto Superfly by then). Rip away, she's got enough moolah.

I think I put that song on a mix tape from Tokyo...been ages, I think it even ran out on that song.

It's just good to know that now that I'm back in the US I don't watch ER or AMcB. What happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo.