Thursday, November 23, 2006

You want a quarter? Kiss my ass! Find me in New York for a fucking quarter!

Aaaaaahhh, no more work for four whole days. We're open on Friday, but I'm choosing not to partake. (And you know, they're choosing not to pay me). But I couldn't pass up a few days off in Denton, where my family lives. Plus my dad's birthday is Saturday, so really, might as well make one big holiday out of it.

We watched the 2006 Comic Relief last night, courtesy of TiVO. Well, and me asking TiVO to tape it. But thank god for TiVO. I cannot imagine watching all 3 1/2 hours of that. (Somehow it doesn't bother me a smidge to watch all 4+ hours of the Oscars, but this would have been too much?) But two people really cracked me up--Lewis Black and D.L. Hughley (of Studio 60). Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher were quite decent as well. But uh, yeah, that's it. I'm never sure if I like Sarah Silverman, I think I do...but damn her humor is going to get her shot one day...but it's certainly interesting.

Well, the husband and I usually split up for Thanksgiving, he goes home to Tyler (or in this case, just stays in Dallas since some family friends live here and his dad's job makes it easier for everyone to just meet up in Dallas) and I hit Denton. Since he'll already be in town, I think he'll join me in the evening. They're one of those families that eat Thanksgiving at noon...

And I'll be taking the boys with me to Denton. Mouche still has his E collar. I think he'll have to keep it on, actually. It's healing really well but it's scabbed over and I don't want to tempt fate. We're keeping his eyes clean for him (which he loves us doing...NOT) in addition to still medicating his spot. He knows Alex's cats and the house, but I may keep him confined to the bedroom to keep him from freaking out. Being in a less-than-familiar place with a goddamn E collar on probably isn't the most calming thing. And I even bought him his own temporary litter trays. Bourdain may want to use them as well because Bourdain is going to flip the fuck out. To Bourdain, ANYTHING new is very, very bad. I am expecting him to barf on the roadtrip and then hide all weekend. It's good for him, builds character.

Ooh, and I even bought a ton of pork butt for my Carolina BBQ, which I made a ways back and wrote back but am too lazy to link to. It will begin marinading tomorrow and then be slowly cooked for seven hours on Saturday. MMMMMMMMMMM.

Pasta's ready! And the TiVO has been dutifully taping so many exciting things...

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