Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If hate were people, I'd be China!

Ok, so I didn't hate Borat. It did make me laugh, and it wasn't offensive (well, not mean-offensive), but...I don't know. At some point when everyone and everything is being mocked...everyone was pretty much painted as ignorant (or in Borat's case, merely naive), and I actually found it more depressing overall than anything. The weatherman scene was cute and yes, the hotel scene was a bit OTT and juvenile (but several scenes rode the juvenile line anyway...bringing shit to the table?), but for the most part I didn't have a problem with it. I just don't need to see it again. I was also told the more I thought about the movie the more I'd probably appreciate it. Nope! Can't say there was much there for me to mull over.

And now I can say that I've seen it and be done with it.

And there is Bond to look forward to.

On a less happy note for the cat Mouche, we finally had to put him in an E collar to keep him from scratching the ringworm (if that's even what it is, don't get me started) above his eye. To say he is grossly unhappy is a major understatement. I probably got three hours of sleep last night because I had to hold him, and whenever he woke up and got frustrated or freaked out he started digging at me with his paws or nipping my face. He was very happy to be held and petted all night (and he's usually not like that; he'll sleep with us but he's not keen on being held the whole damn time). He's better now (though he does still run into everything), but he keeps trying to slink as low to the ground as possible, which of course he can't do without the collar hitting the ground. Once in a while it's a little funny, but mostly it's pathetic as hell.

I was hoping that when I got up to go to work he'd bug D, but no, he tried to follow me around and when he wasn't doing that he just lay on the bed with his awkward little head hanging over the edge.

Spa repair is coming tomorrow. I thought I'd practice grabbing my ankles tonight, you know, to warm up. I hear they're bringing their pet elephant.


Veloute said...

OH, poor Mouche! How is he now?

Ellen Aim said...

Still wearing it! It is much better, just scabbed over now. I'm afraid he may have to wear it at Fordham as well. Don't want to have done it this long for nothing.