Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Men smear.

Well damn! I like clams! They were really good. I was just so excited that they opened, like the recipe promised. (Well, two little bastards didn't, but whatever).

The makeshift steamer turned out to be really easy, as some cooling racks I have fit perfectly on top of some of my pans. With a little foil, voila! They really do take on the flavor of whatever you cook/steam them in. I think they even got some of the salmon from the neighboring pot. But they were so neat and tasty, I highly recommend. They weren't creepy like I imagined. D liked them as well.

Work has really picked up, which is great for job security. I actually broke a sweat yesterday, it was positively wild.

As far as annoying house things go, the refridgerator has decided to intermittently stop running. We're not sure if it's the fridge (which, granted, is a somewhat mammoth ancient thing left to us by the owners) or the socket into which it's plugged. We switched sockets...so far so good. Though the socket thing is scarier. But I promise to keep you up-to-date on this absolutely scintillating topic.

D and I started watching The Running Man tonight, as I'd never seen it before (somehow). It's (so far) hitting waaaaaaaay too close to home. It can't be long before we have reality shows like that.

On a much sadder note, the demolition has started on Fry Street. I won't link to it because last time I did they started coming over here and talking to me. I'm all about comments on the blog, but at the same time I'd like to say "I can't believe people were actually holding candlelit vigils," without being made to feel bad about it later. I'm quite sad to see Fry Street go, worse yet to be replaced by CVS, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble and the like, but I'm not going to stand outside with a lit candle while they tear it down.

But I will hit Cool Beans' game room one last time...


Mob said...

It's (so far) hitting waaaaaaaay too close to home. It can't be long before we have reality shows like that.

I'm counting the days until they have game shows like that.

If they killed some of the losers on American Idol or The Bachelor, I'd be pay-per-viewing that shit, as it would finally become interesting to me.

Veloute said...

Oh, Fry Street. It's really sad :( I'm with you on the candlelight vigils, however. It's not THAT bad. Candlelight vigils are for, like, DEAD PEOPLE. Maybe a virtual candle for Fry.

Now you've inspired me. There is this seafood van that comes to Northfield every Friday afternoon. I know that sounds really black market, but they come up from Boston, where you can get fabulous seafood. I have yet to go by. Maybe I will go (uh, I guess not this Friday) and try some stuff out. I haven't made mussels in forever. You've inspired me! It will have to be fairly tame, but delicious. I'll blog about it if I ever do it. Watch---the van will now disappear...

The seafood at the grocery store is insulting. The seafood at the co-op is marginally better. I hate to sound like a snob, but there you go.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Damn, you're right. I'd watch the shit outta that myself.

Vel: Yum! Seeeeeeeafood. But only shellfish-type things for me! And actually that salmon was damn good. Salmon really goes to show that quality is everything. There is nothing nastier than bad salmon. Tastes like catfood. Or, rather, what I suppose catfood must taste like. (Only tried the hard stuff, myself).

And hey, the van sounds more convenient than my drive to CM!