Friday, November 17, 2006

Nurse, will you take your clammy hands off my chair. You have the touch of a love-starved cobra.

The day at the photo lab continues.

I handed a woman's camera back to her, which we'd had to send out for repair. She knows I work in the lab and have no idea about what had previously happened with her camera. Not only that, we sent it away to be repaired. She watched me unwrap it and hand her the paperwork, just one sheet on which she'd signed away her rights.

"So what did they do to it to fix it?"

She must get a lot of blank stares in her life, because mine didn't faze her for a second.

"They've started using electrolysis to re-generate life into the cameras."

Ok, maybe I didn't say that. But one day they won't be able to stop me.

I have started listening to my Austin radio station here at work, and that does help the day considerably. I can't really use earphones in my job, and I'm in and out too much to do podcasts here, but good music is more than I could ever ask. So now I get to hear KGSR 107.1 all day. It's lovely. I miss decent radio. If only I could listen in the car...but I have the ipod for the car. I'm just being greedy.

A few more pictures, because I'm starved for content.

Myself, with Joe and Jean Fitzgerald

The flower girl, my nearly-5-year-old niece Fiona. Feeling much better away from the crowd.

Who knows what the hell I'm doing.

Love this one. Either my grin is really just becoming that fake, or else I look concerned D isn't going to get me that drink in time.

And that's it for this post, because Blogger has decided to stop letting me upload pictures. I have some really cute unicorns on the way, though.


Anonymous said...

OMG Ellen you look beautiful!!!! aawwwww now im all gushy at work. damnit. :p

Ellen Aim said...

Aw, you're sweet, thank you! (I think I look like I need a drink. But maybe I always look like that!)

Veloute said...

Great, great line.

I am SO stoked that Joe and Jean came to your wedding. That was awesome.

Great picture of Miss Fiona!

Your smile is lovely, silly thing. But now that you mention it--it sort of does look like D realizes you really need that drink ;)

I think you should have said that to your customer. Hey, she started it.

Ellen Aim said...

Fiona takes a great picture indeed.

My smile is lovely for a frog!

And yeah, J&J being at the wedding was such a treat, it made me so happy for everyone to get to see each other again.