Thursday, November 02, 2006

She had really fat fingers.

Woo hoo! I am now a married woman. I still have the same last name but I do have a very large fuck-off blue and silver wedding ring that I'm happy to have. We kinda had to shove it on at the ceremony, apparently it needs to be sized up an inch for my fat fingers. But it fits!

The wedding was loads of fun and went very smoothly. I loved seeing everyone and having everyone at the house. And they all seemed to be having a good time, even before the booze really got flowing.

I got up early the day of the wedding and piddled around while Veloute and Triana were kitchening it up. I got a bunch of stuff done until I stopped to eat lunch. It was while eating and having not much else to do that I sort of realized I was getting married in a bit and holy shit how nervous you must be! So I started to get nervous.

But I got ready, D got home from errands and got ready with plenty of time...Alex, Veloute, Triana and Kiwi Derek were all positively priceless with their help and calm. Got the show on the road just after 5:30pm as planned, walked out to see everyone standing and staring, definitely a little tricky to stomach. (And apparently the reverend had to lean in to D to ask, "Is this the procession music?" I guess the theme from Horror Express isn't a normal selection). Almost lost it a tad at the beginning of the ceremony (I mean fuck, D was doing that calm staring thing at me and I'm trying not to puke and giggle so a couple tears nearly made it out instead) and then it was all good. Just when I really had it together, though, I was supposed to start repeating stuff, though?? Actually that went well also. And it went by really fast! Twelve minutes my ass!

But I can see how no one gets to eat at their own wedding. Which is fine, really, since my stomach wasn't necessarily ready for solids yet. By the time I did get to sneak off to the sunroom with my friend J and my boarpig sandwich, my stomach only allowed me half. And we still have leftovers!

But I was a HUGE fan of the cakes we had, pictures to follow soon. Veloute and Triana managed to pull off the biggest chocolate buttercream wedding cake and eerie eyeball cake one could ever want. I still have chocolate cake to devour, which I am immensely excited about.

It was such a small wedding and even for this small of a wedding I was a little overwhelmed with all the people! But it was just right. How do people do real weddings? I guess you hire out. But everything went well, my wig I think looked much better than during the bridal shots thing, where I suspect it rode a bit high for reality. And my dress was absolutely perfect. I doubt many people feel at home in their wedding dress, but since I don't really have anything to bind up to begin with...but anyhoo, I can't wait to see the pictures! And btw, mom, a random guy in the elevator at the Adolphus says, "Good work!"

My only concern was the enormous size of both the hair and the bouquet. That was a fucking big bouquet. But it sure did smell nice!

And one of my favorite moments (which my dad was unsure if he should tell me about after the wedding and my mom wrote me about in an email) had to involve both my parents standing in the living room when D's dad walked in and introduced himself for the first time. At least none of the grandparents or women were yet present, just the father, when the ipod chose that moment to play Steve Martin's "fuck" monologue from Trains, Planes and Automobiles. I had totally forgotten it was on there. My dad sort of referenced what it was from, trying eagerly to get through the moment; I think the look of utter horror probably flashed only briefly across my mother's face--I mean, it's a fairly long monologue after all. And sure, we all know what it's from and have heard it countless times. Shit, everyone on my side of the family probably knows it fairly well. But D's parents, well...they don't actually really watch movies. At all. But hey, we're married now so it's too late! And now, much, much later, I find it utterly hysterical. I think the room kinda got a little quiet altogether, really. The tone does sort of command one's attention. So that was probably the biggest snag and "snag" is far too severe a word.

And we're back from Austin, which was lots and lots of fun. Don't eat 'roo, though. Watch the fuck out. Salted beef jerky, basically. And I have lots about Austin to link to and recommend, but I suspect that will be for tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow but then I'm off for the weekend. Gotta ease back into it, after all.


Mob said...

It was a blast, thanks for having us.

Congrats again, love you guys!

sKincarver said...

Same last name?
So you're one of thooooose.

You should've married my wife.

Congrats, kids.
Live long and prosper.

Alex said...


(Heh heh heh, that title. Y'know, I didn't notice the ring-shove, and I was right there. ;) LOL that's awesome he asked about the music, though!!)

And that was an amazing ceremony and celebration. ♥

Looking forward to the dish on the honeymoon, and Mark's fabulous photos. Welcome home!

Veloute said...

You're back! Congratulations! We had a marvelous time and Fiona wants to live in Texas.

I didn't notice the shove, either. They are very cool rings!

I loved meeting D! And you two have a great sweet house.

It's nice to be home again but a little sad.

I'll be sure to say away from Roo...

Anonymous said...


I got some good ones though I know Mark got better ones, I think I'll just copy the cds of them and send them to you. If you want any of them printed I'll happily have that done or I can send you the negatives. I do have a great one of a little unicorn.

Brilliant wedding. And I can't wait to hear your reviews of Austin and where all you went!

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks, Mob! Be sure to add pics online of your costume accessories that didn't make it to the wedding!

skinny C: I am indeed. Just used to my own name is all. His is just fine but like my own!

Danke, Alex. I'm so posting pics of you in your costume soon. That was a kick-ass amazing costume.

Vel: I wish I had been able to see more of fiona and sophia!! Must hit VT soon. I have leftover cake!!! Thank god.

Tri: I want CDs!! I can send you a CD as well of the ones I got (or rather that you got for me with my camera)! The pics have come out so nicely.

CinemaslaveJoe said...

Congrats! Your blog has been very lonely without you. *tumbleweed blows by*

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks, Joe! Happy to be back and blogging. And eagerly catching up on my Cinemaslave...I'm on #66, plus Kubrick films are one aspect of my film world that is very sadly lacking. But soon, very soon, that shall be no more!

CinemaslaveJoe said...

I'll be interested to hear what you think of the Charles B. Griffith interview... lots of MST3k-friendly content there. :) And thanks as always for listening to the 'Slave.