Thursday, November 23, 2006

No, I'm six points sexier and she's ten points bitchier.

Woo hoo! Finally in Denton. Bourdain made me feel each and every passing minute of that trip. Because of his E collar, Mouchette had to ride in the huge pet taxi and Bourdain got the shoulder bag. Mouche is a fantastic traveller (he's no Norton, but I sure appreciate his patience), so he usually gets the shoulder bag. I give Bourdain the Pet Taxi to help minimize his freak-outs. I don't think anything matters all that much, he freaks out no matter what.

And despite my early pleas for him to refrain from barfing until we got closer to Denton, he yakked up about twenty minutes in. I had to pull over at a truck stop and wipe down the bag as best I could, but he was already laying in it. My dog, ladies and gentlemen.

And he meowed. And he meowed. And he meowed.

We got to Denton and I had to take him into the bathroom and mop him down. He has actually been fairly brave and at one point ventured out into the den. Mouche is bobbing around in his E collar and doing fairly well. There have been no showdowns or disasters just yet.

Watched An Inconvenient Truth, which is just as good as everyone says it is. It's not as depressing as you might expect (I mean, it IS, but it's not overwhelming). It just shows a lot of really amazing stuff about global warming. I tend to forget there are people out there who still think global warming is a big liberal scam. *SIGHS* But I really highly recommend it--plus it's on the short side and not only does Al Gore have fantastic presence, it's quite funny in several parts. Anyone who still blathers about his being "wooden" obviously hasn't seen this film.

And then dinner was, of course, fantastic. But we didn't roast a turkey. My mom made a recipe out of Fine Cooking Oct/Nov 2006, Dried Apricot & Date Stuffed Turkey Breast with Marsala Glaze. OMG. Seriously, it was the yummiest thing I've had to eat that I can recall these days. I watched her tie up the second one and it didn't look too difficult. I might try. I'm really not a turkey person at all, it gets dry so easily...but the whole 'turkey' thing didn't even cross my mind while I was eating, I just kept shoveling it in...the side dishes were great as well but I couldn't get enough of this recipe!

Ok, time to go watch something cheery. All my Netflix rentals are major Alex & I watched Mystery Date last night although we both had a hankering for the tragically awful Modern Girls. I blame Depeche Mode.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I eyed that recipe, then forgot all about it when the time came. Damn! Ok, I'll have to try again.