Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All that thought and energy put into Saturday morning cartoons. I think it's depressing.

Aw. Yup, there we are! The whole wedding was a lot of fun; I don't there's a single thing I would have done differently. The only part that sucked was that it took a while before I felt like really eating. So we had all this amazing cake and boar and I had a couple bites of cake, half a sandwich and quite a few things to drink. The craziness helped make the alcohol in my system feel non-existent, or at least kept me on an even keel. The funny/lame thing is that when we got to the hotel and settled in just in time to catch the last of Hugh Laurie on SNL (the last half-hour, no less, ugh. But of the few people watch on the dregs of SNL and still be entertained, Hugh Laurie is definitely one of them), I was like, hey, I'm kinda hungry. And then South Park came on, just for us!

LOVED the Adolphus; I was so paranoid the bill in the morning would be for about four times as much as I'd expected. But it's still not a room-service kinda place. They have it, don't get me wrong. But I think our ham sandwich was about ten bucks. Breakfast in the morning would have been close to thirty for both of us. Nixed that. And they misunderstood our order; instead of getting two sandwiches, they sent us one with two plates. It was kinda cute; especially since I wasn't ravenous, merely peckish, it worked out beautifully.

I need to go back to that hotel, though, and really savor the whole place. We kinda crashed. AND it's right on Akard, which is the home to another little divine place, known as Dakota's Steakhouse. As expensive a night as that would be, I totally fantasize about one day gorging on truffle-butter-saucing it up on some steak and then just walking back to the Adolphus. When I get a real grown-up day.

Oh! And SPASPASPASPASPA! I am soooooooooooooo happyhappyhappy. Spa is fixed. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't the heater, either. It was the circulation pump. I'm playing with the chemistry now to have him up and running. He's warm but not quite warm enough for me to climb in, especially since it's going to be 39F tonight. But I am So. Fucking. Happy. Though I am also realizing that having a spa in the sunroom is like having a little car in the sunroom. Nothing that goes wrong is cheap. Actually, the car is more likely to be a cheap fix. Yikes. And brand new? Those bastards are HELLA expensive! They're LIKE small cars!

And Mouche continues to wear his E collar. I took it off briefly last night so he could have wet food as a treat. He tried so hard to scarf it down with the collar on, ended up getting food on the rim and then backing up while looking at the food on his collar and nearly pissing himself in frustration. And that was all in a two-second timespan. I took it off. Then we put it back on, clipped his claws and gave him his meds. He pouted the rest of the night. His eye is looking LOADS better, though. It's amazing how much faster it heals when he can't screw with it. I think maybe 2-3 days more. I know he's miserable but I don't want to take it off too early and have it all be for nothing.

Ok, time to go play with my spa some more.

And the glorious cake. The icing had had a run-in with some little paws or something, but Mark fixed it in Photoshop and now it's as if nothing ever happened. YUM. I think I may go eat some right now, actually!

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Veloute said...

I love the smooching picture! Ah, true love!