Monday, November 13, 2006

So that's how it is in their family...

Damn you, Cinemaslave Joe! It may have been my big mouth, but it's your fault I now have to see that stupid Borat movie. Everyone, I mean ev-ah-ry-one, has been telling me "how much you'll like this movie!" My friend J emailed me from his laptop while he was watching it, (I assume he was working, not just in some random theatre, he's not that socially inept), to tell me he thought I'd find it funny. I completely trust J when it comes to the dramas, but the comedies? Not so much. I can usually forgive bad recommendation, except when one of them is Bubble Boy. That's just a lifetime in the penalty box right there.

Our friend Lonnie wasn't too sure what to think, but did find it funny, as did his girlfriend. Mob also enjoyed it (though I assume his tastes fall in-line with D's, certainly not a bad thing but D and I do have our different tastes). And with each friend who decides to see it, comes the invite and then the annoying persuading. I'm almost so sick of saying, "It's not that I think I'd be offended, I just think I'd be bored stupid," or "I don't think it's my kind of humor," or the classic that almost became my goddamn motto, "I. Have. No. Desire."

So finally, for fuck's sake, I told D (also hugely guilty of trying to break me on the matter) that if Joe liked it, I'd fucking see it.

And Joe, it would seem, found it hysterical. So now I have to see it. And really, I'm not going in expecting to hate it (as D suspected), otherwise I wouldn't bother. I really don't know what to expect. I'm just going in with (very) low expectations and an open mind. That should be happening tonight, so we'll see. It just seems to me that I seldom find mainstream humor funny. And every time D thinks he knows what my kind of humor is, he remembers that I like Airplane! and it throws him off again. That one may be mostly nostalgia, though I can't say for sure.

Though on one last Borat note, everyone does seem to be in agreement that the wrestling scene is a bit too much. As J put it, "Too much taint for my taste."

As far as the weekend went, I think I need to stop touching anything that costs more than $50. Not only is my spa still not heating, the CD player died as well last night. God. Damn. I mean, I have had that CD player since I was about 16, but come on. Now? Now, you little shit? Fine, whatever.

On the plus side, tried out my new electric fondue pot from Emily & Michael and it works really well. I made a cheese fondue (I even used mushrooms! look at me!) with some Gruyere (could cheese be more expensive, by the way?) and shrimp. Damn. It was mighty fine. And I'm hoping to dabble in the shabu-shabu here pretty soon but I need to make some stocks first. Chicken, beef and maybe a seafood one. And I also really want to try oysters. I have no reason whatsoever to think I'd like them, and I'm really kind of afraid to eat them in Dallas, but if I buy them from Central Market and prepare them myself...maybe?

As for the rest of the weekend, it officially seems to be that time of year when you cannot go shopping on the weekend. I went to Target and the grocery store, one each day, and I nearly killed myself or others. At the grocery store it was just the sheer mass of people, whereas at Target there were just way too many annoying bastards. I was sort of wandering through the shoe department when I heard a woman positively ripping her daughter a new one. She was going on and on about, "When we get home I'm throwing your shoes away and you can just wear the ones I bought you. It's always something like this, it's always something with you, yes it is!" and I should mention the daughter was around six. After they moved away from me, a totally different woman came up to me and said, "Did you just hear that woman call her daughter neurotic?"

Please just don't talk to me.

I said something along the lines of I felt bad for the daughter. She went on, "That poor girl is going to end up in therapy. Or worse yet, my class!" I did find that pretty funny, actually.

Well, I'll let everyone know how the Borat goes. If it ever starts to hurt, I'll just close my eyes and drool over this Friday's upcoming hot Bond release.


alex said...

Okay, I cave. WTH is "I feel like I'm running a small nursery with someone I used to date" from?? (I'm still laughing from the "butter in my ass" quote, btw. I'm angling to work it into a conversation.)

Feel you on the people glut front. Love the sassy teacher, though. XD

Ellen Aim said...

Actually I doubt you know it! It's from "Before Sunset" (the second one). I thought I'd use Austin or Linklater quotes for the Austin-themed blogs.

And the "butter in my ass" is Boogie Nights. That movie is just rife with quotes.

alex said...

Heh heh heh. Yeah, I googled the butterass quote. I had to know immediately what that was, so I could cite what I was quoting. (You never know, I could work it into a Starbucks order.)

Ellen Aim said...

I'd work that in AFTER I got my drink. I told you about the girl I saw working the bar who kinda dug into her nose while she was waiting for the shots to pour. She might think you'd find it tasty.