Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No, it's fine. It's real. You know, in actuality, Lobo would have to struggle with this problem every day.

Why is there always something new to download and update? Jesus, stop! Everything is fine! You don't need to change everything every five goddamn days! Sorry, I'm just tired of the constant barrage of "COCKBLAST HAS UPDATES!" or whatever.

Well, the town is positively a-twitter with the talk of "wintery mix" for tomorrow. And I am a little impressed that since last week, not only has the forecast for such not disappeared, it has gone from 40 to 60 to now 80%. *giggles* Though I also noted last night and this morning just how many %^#$& bridges I go over to and fro in the workday. Hmph. I hope everyone outside of DFW (well, TX, really) appreciates just how terrified and excited we all get by ice/sleet/snow down here. I bet you a thousand dollars that if the weather forecast stays the way it is, they will shut shit down tonight for tomorrow. People freak out. And then people get the day off and then they go drive (like shit) in it anyway. *facepalm*

Awww, squee! My Austin radio is playing not just Simon & Garfunkel, but The Boxer. *sighs and drapes herself lovingly over her Austin radio station* They really do play such a wide range of stuff, someone walking through had to ask how they classify themselves. I still don't know, I guess just "Austin radio." I really don't mean to sound like such an Austin whore, but I live in Dallas. We have neither radio nor culture.

Anyhoo. In our own hopes of having a chilly night, D and I randomly bought stuff to make smores. I have seriously made these things perhaps once in my life. They evoke two images. The Linguini Incident, because they used wire hangers to roast marshmallows for breakfast (with David Bowie, no less). And sometime in my early teen years, apparently I was in the woods for a party? I remember not really enjoying being there, which really supports the theory it was junior high. And there were lots of people. But seriously, that's all my brain has to offer me? It sure does start early... The point is, however, that we have stuff to make smores. Yeah.

Oh, Vel and Triana: remember your Spiii-dah balloon you guys got us for the wedding? He JUST YESTERDAY touched the ground. He has been afloat all this time. Whatever you paid, you got one hell of a balloon.

For Kiwi Derek, you wanted me to take you somewhere very "American" and very "Texan," that was incredible in the size of their servings. I wish I could have taken you here...(it almost goes on too long, and yet, that's part of its charm. Plus the last few steps are so worth it).

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