Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I never saw a guy get picked up by his nuts before.

Merry Christmas. Look, if you want me to digitally insert your stupid cats into your stupid family xmas photo, please make sure the pictures you take of your stupid cats are from at least a reasonable angle. Otherwise I get irritated trying to make them look normal. The tabby went ok. I got a little frustrated with the black one. Not that you could tell.


Mob said...

I though they were photographing at some sort of parade route and a cat was drifting by...maybe you could Paint a small string from the cat to the guys' wrist, just for giggles.

Veloute said...

*gasps for air*

Oh, I really needed that laugh. People are just so stupid.

I can't stop laughing.

It does rather look like a cat balloon.

Actually, no, it's Catasauraus and he's about to break through the window and devour them! Let's cheer him on.

alex said...

oh you bastard. do not make me weep with laughter at work. (1) it betrays that I am not working and (2) tears running down my face and (3) I can't share it with my coworkers and (4) doubled over laughing almost silently.

I am going to be laughing hysterically all day at random moments and no one will understand. I love you.

sKincarver said...

that is the single stupidest thing i've ever heard. you must have the patience of buddha to keep from flinging your own shit at these idiots. ho-lee-fuuuuuck.

you should have put them in the stockings with "hang in there, baby!" below and then act like you thought they'd love it.


Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Jesus, you're right. It's such a balloon!

Vel & Alex: So glad I'm not the only one who thinks giant cats are funny. Always especially happy when it's still funny an hour later. Those are the best kind.

skinny c: Something different to do is always great at first until it becomes apparent how stupid it is. I don't feel all that bad, however, since I was given shit to begin with. (In the end, she LOVED it. And no, I did not give her that one).

sKincarver said...
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sKincarver said...

Do me a her back. Tell her there's been a mix up and give her this one instead.

Yes, I spent waaaay too much time on that.

Ellen Aim said...

omfg. LOVE IT. I can't decide which is my favorite...I think it has to be the tiger though. It's just the look on its face...