Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You need to be less....offputting.

I haven't heard this song in AGES but it started going through my head today. (Uh, no idea why...ok, maybe I've gotten too comfortable lately...)

Bite Sized Goodness:


Veloute said...

Oh YEAH!!!!!

I adore this song. Thank you!

Ellen Aim said...

I love it muchly.

Triana said...

I love this song!! It makes me giggle.

(ok, I get the best security words on your blog. Today it's "ovens". I think this is a sign I should bake a couple of cookies.)

Veloute said...

It is a sign. You better do it.

I get these "words" that sound like something one would try to use on Scrabble (unsuccessfully, you understand).

I came here just to play this song good and loud.

Ellen Aim said...

I want cookies.

And more Violent Femmes.

I hear extra weight would look no nicer on nobody else but me anyway.

Veloute said...

It is nice to have a little bit more to hold on to.