Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.

So yes, The Reader was great, I really enjoyed it.

The first half was all, you know, steamy and sultry...

...and then bam, it gets all serious. Which was fine, honestly. I just wish it had addressed the issues that rose (this could be anything from a sex pun to a Titanic pun, but moving on) more than it did. Overall, I enjoyed it muchly.

Part of me is glad Winslet did so well in this role, because otherwise it's very much in danger of being yet another Oscar nod for taking it off. It's bad enough everyone won't shut up about how wonderful Winslet is when some of us have been rabid (well, almost rabid) fans since Heavenly Creatures back in 1994. It really sort of reeks of everyone secretly going, "God, you are obviously so comfortable being so naked and we really respect that."

I mean, come on, this is her SIXTH OSCAR NOMINATION. Where THE HELL have these people been?

Anyhoo. Also finally watched Slumdog Millionaire.

It definitely has some tough scenes, but considering the (well-known, no spoilers here!) upbeat finale and bitchin' soundtrack, it's not too painful. Really great movie--from the music to the editing to the acting to the way the story unfolds, I will be perfectly happy if it wins.

And for the first time in...shit, hang on, I gotta look...ok, not since 1993 have I not seen all the Best Picture nominees. That year I hadn't seen Remains of the Day or In the Name of the Father. (No reason, I just hadn't. I was 13, sue me!) But I am actively choosing not to watch Benjamin Button. And I certainly enjoy Brad Pitt most of the time, it's just that I hate Forrest Gump or anything of its ilk with such intensity that I refuse to be subjected to another THREE HOUR film that could even vaguely remind me of that insipid shit.

Red carpet shenanigans start at 5! Since I'm not really all that into and/or worried about most of the categories this year, I'll be keeping a look out for some gorgeous frocks...

Here's hoping she pulls another dress out like this one, since she finally gets to win!


Veloute said...

Okay, I usually could not care less what they wear, but that is one gorgeous dress.

Ellen Aim said...

I only care when they are WAY GAW-JUSS or a total train wreck. and wine helps how much I care.