Sunday, February 22, 2009

I know what ice fishing is!

Best Supporting Actor...uh oh. This is going to be A Moment.

I'm going with the obvious choice.

And indeed, it goes to Heath Ledger. Apparently, unlike the Golden Globes (where director Christopher Nolan accepted), his entire family is going to accept the award. (God, everyone in the crowd looks like they are seriously about to lose it.)

Best Feature-Length Documentary...

Ok, I love me some Herzog but that film (Encounters at the End of the World) just did not do it for me. I'm going for Man On Wire here, call me crazy...

Bill Maher presenting?? Um, ok! Ah, oh yes, his film was a "documentary." Hmm. That's for another post, but anyhoo...

SCORE!! Man On Wire wins--she lands another one!

Best Documentary Short...ok, I had NO idea about this category...and whoops, Smile Pinki, got that one wrong! I wish I could have been able to see these!!

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