Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's hard to talk about my feelings. Plus I'm high most of the time, so there's that.

Applying for financial aid is so much fun! I did get that last form taken care of (for application) for a school waiting to reject it faxed in by a GODDESS at the UNT registrar's office at 4.22pm this past Friday. I may have offered to bear her children. (I did not. Offer, that is.)

Anyhoo. As Michael Keaton says in The Paper, "Sometimes you can just smell a horrendously shitty day on the way." And that is my day today.

Thank God I have the first 2 discs of Project Runway Season 2 arriving today. Because where would I be without my piffle. Also have the final disc of BSG and can then start whacking away at my saved new eps on Tivo, squee! As awesome as Baltar is--rare is the sleazebag you kinda root for--I have been vacillating between patience and loathing.

If you also looked at my queue, you'd see I also have Tropic Thunder (a mix of Oscar and Robert Downey, Jr. duty) though I expect to need several beers beforehand and still detest it. Also, The Wedding Date because A) I have no shame and B) I am having Debra Messing withdrawal, even though I mostly watched Will & Grace for Will's shoulders and Karen.

To assure you that my brain has not completely turned to mush (side note, this commercial is AWESOME, thanks Alex!), I did visit the Dallas Museum of Art this past weekend with my family and loved the new exhibit, Olafur Eliasson's Take Your Time. Their big exhibit right now is actually (the same goddamn) King Tut exhibit I swear is ALWAYS THERE or the Kimball, but this was far more impressive.

At the end of this tunnel was a brilliant YELLOW room and all the people around you appear as if they are black and white. (!!) A separate exhibit below...

This is a (nearly) 360 degrees of a screen that changes colors and changes the way the colors change. If that makes sense. Very cool.

If you live in the DFW area, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. If you have access to pot beforehand, again, I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

Anyhoo, I had a ton of fun and really need to do that (with my family, especially) more often. I am the lame, inactive sort who prefers to stay home and watch movies on my laptop while cooking (and perhaps sipping on something). 24 is most excellent for this--minimum concentration required. Just finished season 5, good stuff.


Triana said... long is that exhibit up? We can't make it this weekend but next maybe!

Ellen Aim said...

I think it's up til Sunday March 15th. Very cool.

Veloute said...

Oh, I want to go!!!

Ellen Aim said...

C'mon then! ;)