Sunday, February 22, 2009

You can't be a proper writer without a touch of madness, can you?

Oooh, they are showing Nathan Fillion's new show's trailer (Castle) while I'm I wasn't going to watch it anyway. Mmm. Central Market pinwheel cheese and Nathan Fillion...what was I watching, again?

Ok. Hugh is singing and dancing. I assume this is where they make us suffer through the musical numbers? Potty break, brb!

Wow, I think that Chicago-style sequined number with fringe that Beyonce's donning is totally on some private bucket list of mine somewhere...I may need to work out and learn how to dance first, ya think? (Sorry, no pictures, eating cheese. Priorities, dude.)

I am rapidly failing to recognize so many of these people...I am officially getting too old.

Ooh, trailer for a terrible flick with my girlfriend Sandra Bullock, my husband's boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, her name is Margaret, the trailer's got a Katy Perry song, it comes out in June...could it scream out for me any more? It will certainly require a lot of alcohol...something horrid called The Proposal. Sigh.

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