Sunday, February 22, 2009

You know what else you should do? Nail his penis above the entrance to the elementary school. That'd really teach him a lesson.

Best Original Score...again, I'm gonna go with Slumdog...I really did love the music in this film...sweet! Another Slumdog win!

Best Original Song...seriously, I'm glad they don't make us sit through all of them anymore. (Or at least, not the whole song.) I'm going for Slumdog, but Wall-E could snake it...sweet! Not only did I guess the right movie, but it was up for 2 songs and I chose "Jai Ho" (the end credits song, very energetic) and it won!

Best Foreign Film...I'm voting for Waltz With Bashir...fuck!! It went to Departures from Japan! Hmph. Oh well, I'm sure it's a great film! (Cute speech, in any case!)

Ok, it's down to the final four. Thank god, I'm full of nibbles and getting tired. Getting old, you know...

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