Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Clementine... No jokes about my name.

Who's the dork who physically moved the computer into the same room as the TV, all set to rock and roll? Yeah, that's right, I really am that big of a dork. Yes.

I've got a nice wine from Napa Valley, various snackies from Central Market...I am so set. It's a shame none of the categories are very close. I used to want Anne Hathaway to win tonight...

...but there's just no chance. Plus, having now viewed both films, I'm quite happy to let that one go!

Aside from the shorts, I can't say I'm really waiting for any category. It would be so delightful for In Bruges to win original screenplay, but I have a bad feeling Wall-E will. Grr..

And Happy 700th Post to me!!

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