Tuesday, July 01, 2008

If this is my last day on Earth, I don't want it to be socially awkward.

So I actually have been pretty decent about keeping up with one of my (New Years) resolutions to listen to a new album a week. I didn't have to BUY a new album, but I mostly have been. It's fairly cheap--some of them are under five bucks. But rather than list them all at the end of the year, I thought I would break it up at the halfway mark.

Some of these are not necessarily proud purchases, or even new artists for me. So bite me. The date is the week's end date.

1/12: Weird Al, Straight Outta Lynnwood (we didn't own any Weird Al. How this was possible is beyond me).
1/19: Common Rotation, Isalie (a group Alex, D and my friend J saw open for They Might Be Giants; not their greatest album, this one, but decent)
1/26: Black Box Recorder, England Made Me (great album, heard one song on The Adventure Club, bought the whole thing)

2/2: Lily Allen, Alright Still (fucking wicked album, yes, the whole thing)
2/9: Sheryl Crow, Detours (I don't know if I have fully listened to it all the way through, it was so disappointing)
2/15: One Ring Zero, We Are One (it's ok...but I feel it's something I'm SUPPOSED to like for indie cred)
2/23: Dolly Parton, Just Because I'm a Woman (I'm all about diversity...at the time we were going to TN...I don't listen to this much, sue me)

3/1: Feist, The Reminder ("They're selling US through our music! I'm trend pimp!")
3/8: Once soundtrack, (great album, great movie)
3/15: Modeselektor, Hello Mom! (heard on All Songs Considered, great bass)
3/22: Carrie Underwood, Carnival (how many times do I have to admit to buying this?)
3/29: Dixie Chicks, Top of the World Tour (so I might like them a little these days)

4/5: oops.
4/12: Tilly & the Wall, Bottoms of Barrels (good stuff, nothing revolutionary)
4/19: Regina Spektor, Soviet Kitsch (I love Regina Spektor but this album has its annoying tracks for sure)
4/26: Chantal Kreviazuk, What If It All Means Something (suggested by one of those internet radio thingys...pretty good album, actually)

5/3: Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs (good album, no Plans)
5/10: Weezer, Deluxe Red Album (Weezer is always fun)
5/17: Dixie Chicks, Fly (one of two of theirs I didn't own)
5/24: Kris Delmhorst, Songs For a Hurricane (also suggested by internet radio based on my likes...this one is just good background)
5/31: Tara MacLean, Wake (known of her for years, even before she was in Lilith Fair. Great voice but albums tend to be somewhat mediocre...)

6/7: The Ting Tings, We Started Nothing (my dad sent me an article on them...very fun group)
6/14: Alanis Morissette, Flavors of Entanglement (I'm impressed...I like it!)
6/21: Sarah McLachlan, Rarities & B-Sides, Volume 2 (she can keep churning out leftovers and I'll keep right on buying it...siiiiiiiiiiigh)
6/28: REM, Accelerate (saw them perform on Jon Stewart...or Colbert, who knows...I was impressed. Decent album, way more rock for once).


Anonymous said...

Why are you so sheepish about Dolly Parton?

Ellen Aim said...

Not sheepish. Just...not my usual.

Anyone who can play guitar with those nails has my vote.