Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let's fold scarves!

I had a really nice birthday. The ladies at work took me to lunch, I snagged some chocolate-covered strawberries from Schakolad (wicked!), and even had a pedicure in the evening before dinner. And oh, holy jesus. DINNER.

Someone recommended this place called Reata to me, as I've been trying to eat at more Fort Worth restaurants. "Carne Asada at Reata," I was told, and omfg. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

First of all, we started with an appetizer of wild boar ribs with a mouth-watering peanut sauce. I mean, it fell off the bones, it melted on my tongue, and though I can only come up with stale descriptions of how the meat behaved, it was anything but. It was gorgeous. It was sexy meat. And then...well, I was going to order the carne asada (which involves steak! and enchiladas! and CHEESE!), as I had been instructed, but one of the specials involved tenderloin and shrimp/crab something or other with port wine sauce...and well, D was getting the carne asada I got the special.

After struggling not to make inappropriate noises with the boar ribs, I don't think I really bothered holding back as I took a bite of the carne was obscene. Mine was incredible, too, decadent and savory, but by god, I'm going back for the carne asada. Soon. (Ok, it's a little pricey to just wander back, but it's not outrageous).

Also had the dessert tacos, but they just couldn't hold up to the dinner. Only drawback to the place? Meh, the decor leaves something to be desired. But seriously? Fuck the decor, I can't wait to go back.

Then went home and passed out, no Wall*E for me yet. However...

The other night my friend J asked me, "So, have you been writing reviews for Ain't It Cool News now?" I said I hadn't, and he said he had to ask because he'd seen a review on there for Wall*E, which sounded, he said, "exactly like something you would write." He couldn't find it again on their site, but found it by doing an apt search, which I'll go into later. I found the review here, but the part that jumped out at him was:

But despite my misgivings, which seem kind of silly in hindsight, "WALL*E" delivered big time.

How big time is big time? Let's just say it's a good thing I was sitting in the back row, because this movie charmed my fucking pants off, then went down on me in public for an hour and a half. (To the family sitting next to me, sorry for all the noise.)

Yes, "WALL*E" is absolutely that goddamn good.

So reviews like that pique my curiosity even more, quite frankly. And hopefully we'll see it today or tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.

(And J's search was, "Wall-E, go down on me").

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