Thursday, June 05, 2008

By the way, honey, they do check resumes, so let's thank God that Mommy smells like coconut.

Hooray for Weeds.

I was getting a little tired of the storyline this season, but I guess Nancy having to deal with scary drug dealers was inevitable. It seems to be picking up, at any rate. The lines are always great...I'm sure Toyota loved this exchange:

Nancy: "You bought a Prius?"

U-Turn (scary drug dealer): "Yeah, I bought seven of 'em. One for all my guys. They're real quiet. Good for sneakin' up on motherfuckers."

That's an endorsement if I ever heard one!

And I totally want this: Pink Tentacle (Boing Boing mentioned them, too) reported on this wonderful-sounding Robot Teddy Bear Car Navigation System. It sounds so fucking cute, but part of me knows that at some point, that motherfucker would be in for the severest beating of his little life.

Anyhoo. Stayed home today due to a mild ailment, but much better now. I even cleaned the house somewhat...I want nothing more than to rip the bathtub from the main bathroom (the white tub) as it's old and just fucking nasty (don't EVER get sliding doors, GROSS) and put in a free-standing shower. I think this would be insanely pricey, due in part to the question: How does one get that tub out the door?

Ok, so I also watched a whole disc of 24 (and you know, I was starting to get irritated with the fact that everyone there at the Counter Terrorism Unit is always up in everyone else's bidness and deciding for themselves that maybe that person just isn't competent enough to be there...and then I realized, sadly, that maybe that was by far the most realistic aspect of the show) and anyhoo, I have the next disc in hand, not to mention the second (and final) disc of The Lost Room. I'm thinking about buying Six Feet Under for myself for my birthday...except FUCK ME, that thing is $250. More of a Christmas present, you know? Or a very drunken one.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

When is the birfday?
I just bought myself a $250 birfday present this past weekend. No, I don;t have $250 to my name, which makes the gift all the more special.

Ellen Aim said...

June 27th. I'm trying to hold off as long as possible before the inevitable "but it's my birthday" purchase...

That post is so coming soon.