Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look, Detective Lennox, Jerry Dandridge is vampire!

So last week I had to leave mid-editing session and snickered to myself as I deliberately left this photo on the screen, knowing D would think it was...well, look at it. It may be too small here to translate well, but it's kind of disturbing. I have no idea who this very nice young man is, but as D put it as soon as he saw me next, "Holy crap, what's up with the guy at the wedding who looks like he's there collecting souls?"


SkylersDad said...

What's he doing roaming around the predominately Asian crowd also? He looks like he wandered into the wrong event, and stayed for free champagne (and souls)

Ellen Aim said...

He's keeping the other white person (me) company. Just kidding. There were at least 3 white people.

Hey, I stayed for the free champagne, the lacrymose speeches (oh fuck, that was ME?), and the cupcakes.

But I didn't get no soul goody bag.

Veloute said...

Oh, I laugh every time I read this post.

Collecting souls. Indeed.