Saturday, June 14, 2008

You're the vulgarian, you fuck! Now apologize!

Very good voice lesson this morning...didn't feel like a total asshole, hooray! We usually do thirty minutes of exercises or so, and then work on actual songs. I have one song I was singing, but we were having a hard time finding a track of it without vocals, so he had me try out a couple other things. My song is Easy Silence, which I chose because it's a little on the political side and it really works for my type of voice.

(Love the subtitles).

Except when I'm not thinking about it, I accidentally try to sing "Greed and sanctuary" instead of "Breathe in sanctuary." Cause greed and sanctuary often go so well together, right? She enunciates well, I blame me.

I still needed to point him in the right direction, apparently, as he asked, "Have you ever sung Unbreak My Heart, by Toni Braxton?" (Are you fucking kidding me??) Ok, I know he's thinking type of voice and range and all that, but I still have to fight back chunks and say, "People usually ask if I sing Crazy, by Patsy Cline." (Crazy is the song for chicks who can hit the low notes, apparently). So we do Crazy and he gets out a different book and has me flip to another song I don't know but it's something called I Hope You Dance and has some vaguely Christian-y lines, so again I fight the urge to purge and note that hey, look at that, there's a Norah Jones song in there and maybe that would be better? And I don't even really go for Jones, but that's mostly due to her severe overexposure.

I mean really, we're welcome to sing whatever we want, but I'll refrain from bringing in some Marilyn Manson for the time being.

Or maybe just something with some strong, clear swearing, like the best track off the new Alanis album, Straightjacket...(not to mention some good bass that studio rarely hears, I'm sure)...

I'm sure we'll find a happy medium.


Veloute said...

I love that you are taking voice lessons. That is so cool.

Ellen Aim said...

It's fun, I'm really enjoying it.