Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If my answers frighten you, then you should cease asking scary questions.

Ok, I finally finished a movie critique...I got uncontrollably behind! Jesus, that took long enough. And it wasn't even an inspired review. Oh well.

Worked out with my trainer again this morning. Opted for legs. Did one exercise with freeweights that was ridiculously hard--each leg can move independently but my right leg is clearly stronger than my left, so it's hard to keep them controlled together. Also, there was a leg extension exercise in which the trainer had to tie two leather ankle cuffs on me and I assure you from the bottom of my heart it was such a struggle to keep each and every inappropriate comment to myself. I mean, you would have struggled, too. Seriously. They were fucking leather ankle cuffs, for god's sake!!


Did run across one of the world's worst waitresses last night. We went to El Arroyo, as it had been a while, and this chick never even brought us chips and salsa. She took my order (D had already eaten, it was kinda late) and no shit, thirty minutes later, she came back and asked how we were doing. I asked, "Well, there was this food that I ordered..." and she made a remark like, "Oh, it should be out soon." As if she didn't realize I had placed the order with her. She was real special. We call our special waitresses Pixley, in a long-running Sports Night joke.

Also very, very excited to see that Equus tickets have gone on sale. I think the performances are September through February, but I think I'll aim for October. Gotta call Drew and see if he'll even be in NYC in October...but oooh, how fun. I would normally aim for a weekday--cheaper tickets--but now I'm thinking Friday night so I can catch a Black 47 show on Saturday night, since I haven't seen them since 1998 when I was there with Jean. Going to be a fabulous fucking trip, just gotta save my pennies...


SkylersDad said...

This so called "workout with leather restraints", is it in a public place?

Can the rest of us at least watch?

Ellen Aim said...

Lol! As if I'm not self conscious enough working out, they really think I'm going to do these leather ankle strap exercises??

Veloute said...

What kind of gym is this? And do they take couples?

Ellen Aim said...

Just a 24 Hour Fitness. They do, but D actually joined a different one that's near his work. More likely to do it before/after work!