Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey Jon, let's see if Binky the Clown can save Christmas again this year.

Hooray, Jack Bauer saves the world again. Pretty gruesome ending involving his partner (who did not die), I was impressed. But then I was annoyed by their need to make Jack cry later. Seriously? And dad, there is nothing right-wing about that show. Just because it seemingly endorses torture as a means of information retrieval. And all those covert cover-ups. Oh wait.

Ok, I can't really move my arms. I met with my trainer at 8am this morning and now look what's happened. Turning the steering wheel hurts. That's not crucial, is it? I'm dreading shampooing.

I also forgot my ipod and very unwisely decided to forego it for the trip over (it's like, ten minutes). Jesus. How does FM radio even still exist? They played Fall Out Boy, the musical equivalent of them sticking their diseased insect cock in my ear for four minutes, followed by Kelly Clarkson. The same bullshit they have always played--but does anyone still listen to any of these fucking stations, 9/10ths of which are all Clear Channel anyway? I'm starting to think that Josie & the Pussycats isn't funny at all.

No wonder I've been known to turn the car around to go back for Superfly Amadeus Shaft.

I finally picked up some marscapone cheese at the store to make tiramisu, which I've never made before. Ever since we bought an espresso machine, it's been in the back of my mind. Let's see if I can get around to making it before the cheese becomes a science experiment.


Veloute said...

How was the tiramisu?

I am so impressed you have a trainer. I bow before you. I really, really, really need to follow your lead.

Ellen Aim said...

GREAT! Took it to work and everyone loved it. Got the soaking of the ladyfingers just right. :)

It's kicking my ass. My gut hurts.