Sunday, June 15, 2008

You're not getting this back. I consider it asshole tax.

Aside from my voice lesson, I did very little of anything yesterday. Aside from being impressed that a box of Snickers ice cream bars lasted a whole week in my house, nothing noteworthy really happened.

But Friday night was fun. We went to BJ's, one of the many restaurants in the Arlington Highlands, a newish shopping mecca down the road. It was incredibly busy and I got to do something I've always wanted to do--luckily, the waitress was very cool and it worked out beautifully. (You're all wondering if this is going to turn into a streaking story, aren't you?)

I think the idea occurred to me several years ago when D and I used to go to the BJ's in Addison and we were really, really poor. (Ok, maybe not this poor, but eating out was a huge treat). We could usually only get either a pitcher of beer or an appetizer (in addition to the meal and cookie dessert, which was mandatory, naturally). The funny thing was that this time we didn't have the appetizer or dessert--just didn't feel like it!

I simply thought it would be nice one day to not only not be worried about being able to afford to eat out, but that it would be nice to pick up someone else's tab anonymously. So that's what I did. Our waitress was really neat and got exactly what I wanted to do--I wanted her to choose (because how do I know how they're acting?). And preferably a couple, nice, maybe obviously on a first date or something, whatever. She got that I wasn't out to pick up some group's night out...

She ended picking an Asian couple somewhat near our table who were, as she said, "Very nice. And all my other tables are drunks." They had still ordered drinks (so had we), but they weren't, as she and I both described it at one point, "drinking shitloads."

The best part, hopefully, is that I picked up their tab and tipped according to the grand total, meaning I also got their tip. So if they're cool, they still tipped her and she had a good night.

It's BJ's, it's not like it's a really expensive restaurant or anything. (Besides, I imagine most people at a really pricey joint could give two shits about not having to pay.) But hopefully it still made someone's night.


Yours with trepidation said...

So, what ever happened to the fan you took in to be repaired?

MacGuffin said...

You and D are sweet people. The two of you need to have a large family to combat the ever increasing tide of pricks and assholes this world seems to be more and more composed of.

Ellen Aim said...

Yours: Thanks for stopping's still out, I assume being tinkered with endlessly.

MacG: Aw, you're sweet, but if I were to reproduce in large numbers (hell, if I had even one child), I would probably turn into the largest asshole ever and just become one of them.

CinemaslaveJoe said...

This story contains 100% of my recommended daily serving of PURE WIN. You are a golden goddess, ma'am.

Ellen Aim said...

CSJ: Lol! Good to hear--I certainly had fun doing it!

Veloute said...

Tee hee! Very awesome.

And, no, you will not turn into an asshole if you reproduce. Neither of you will.

That wine might taste reeeeally nice at the end of the day, though.

Ellen Aim said...

really, REALLY nice.