Saturday, June 21, 2008

After I blow a hole in somebody and slip around on their guts, afterwards, I always like to...make balloon animals.

Know what I had for dinner last night? Chicken & Waffles. Yeah, baby. Went to a new restaurant (new to us, anyway) in Fort Worth called Ovation. The meal was described as: Three well seasoned pieces of deep fried chicken, served with collard greens, Belgian waffles topped with blueberry and cinnamon infused butter, maple syrup and covered with sweet potato fries. It seemed to be one of their favorites/specialties, so I figured why not. It was actually pretty damn good.

My voice lesson was good again this morning. He never really offers much about technique, etc. when we get to the second half of the lesson and I start doing whole songs, but then we haven't really settled on a song to consistently work on, so I'm not sure if I should let it bother me yet. Still working on Easy Silence, and today he said it was "really coming along," which is funny since I barely got to practice this week. Moved on to a lot more Broadway this time, including South Pacific and Smokey Joe's Cafe. From the latter I sang Trouble, which is a funny, but over-the-top sultry thing. Kinda goofy. I also sang Always True To You (In My Fashion) from Kiss Me Kate but he didn't seem to really go for the song...does have pretty raunchy lyrics...but it's Cole Porter, what do you expect?? I'm taking it back next week, tough shit.

Also, my neck hurts like a motherfucker and I have no idea why. I'm having a "cranial sacral" massage Monday morning, whatever the hell that is, but it's just down the road, it's $39 and by god, anything will help. I'm still in my twenties (even if I am hitting the last year of that on Friday), I shouldn't be falling apart yet!!

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