Saturday, July 26, 2008

That's when you know you've found somebody really special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy silence.

Making my way through The Stand. I don't mean to sound uneducated, but DAMN that thar's a big fuckin' book! It's not very drag-around-on-errands friendly, you know? It's hardback and like, twenty pounds. It's hardly a difficult read, and I'm surprised I never have read it, considering it's supposedly a fan favorite (not that I'm really a fan, but you get my point).

Also picking up two books from the library this afternoon, Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman, which my dad recommend to me both for its length (or lack thereof) and the fact it will probably remind me of my own family. Reading the summary write-up, it already does.

Also finally getting around to Last Night at the Lobster, by Stewart O'Nan, which I heard blurbed about on NPR the same weekend my dad was talking about having read it, which I take to mean I should read it.

I wish I could read outside, and while the temperatures were oh-so-mild yesterday, hitting a high of 93, from here on out the week's highs look to be about 103. Someone please kill me.


I started to post Blue Savannah Song, but as we all recall, that is one of the worst Erasure videos of all time. And boy, do they have some awful ones.

Two artists I really associate with my childhood (that I recall mom listening to) are Paul Simon and Abba. And I've never really sought out old Abba videos til now...omg.

While Knowing Me, Knowing You is one of my favorite Abba songs, holy jesus. Get ready for PAIN. But I'm kinda drawn to Frida's 'do...she's got a kind of Bree-from-Desperate-Housewives thing happening...

And not as painful production value wise, here is another favorite, Waterloo. Don't worry, the outfits bring their own special pain. As does the dancing. I have not been this lost for words in ages.


Veloute said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I didn't realize that, in addition to saving the free world, Captain America played guitar for ABBA!

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: That's what I said!!

Anon: Indeed. And I want that guitar oh-so-badly...!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...and as for your issue with The Stand: It's called a paperback - check into it! ;)

Ellen Aim said...

nah, I like knowing it can double for a weapon.

Veloute said...

Yes, guitar: WANT