Thursday, July 17, 2008

I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan.

12 HOURS TO GO!! *madly salivates*

Had my second chiropractor appointment this morning--nice and brief, though I was subjected to another five-minute video presentation I could have done without. It was explaining to me how she was going to explain my X-rays. Okaaaaay... And it went majorly overkill on the similies as it tried to paint a desperate picture.

"Like when kids play tug of war..."
"Like a melting ice cream sandwich..."
"Like a gaggle of mating geese..."

Ok, maybe not the last one. But they would pick the weirdest comparisons to drive their visual home. It was different.

She explained again how the curve is starting to curve the wrong way, blah blah. It actually almost creeps me out to look at my X-rays too long. Don't ask.

She cracked my back again, but in a different way. And she wrenched my neck to each side again--jesus that's jarring. But in a good way. The sound it makes reminds me of this multi-colored slinky toy I had as a child. It was made of plastic squares you could break apart and rearrange. The clackity-clack sound it made when it slinkied is what I hear when she cracks my neck to the side. Charming, I know.

I have to go three times a week for two weeks to crack things back into place, and then I can start to go less frequently. The hard part is not leaning forward when I type or read.

But anyhoo. Since I'm seeing Dark Knight tonight maybe I can go see Mamma Mia! tomorrow night. It looks totally fun...may be going on my own, though, rather than dragging an unwilling boy. I keep forgetting Colin Firth is in it. Delicious!


Veloute said...

We have GOT to talk XD

Ellen Aim said...

Absolutely! I'm off Sunday!