Monday, July 28, 2008

Mmm... fine... I took an "antihistamine" before and it makes for a nice little buzz.

Ok, two things. Both make my jaw drop.

First of all, the husband just got back from the grocery store...and they have the Halloween candy out.

Yes. They do.

That's disgusting.

But far more importantly, my dad sent me this movie clip with the subject line omg.

OMG indeed! HOLY BALLS! I thought this was a FAKE MOVIE at first.

Does this mean I have to start respecting Oliver Stone now?

Whatever, I'll be there with bells on.


Veloute said...

For fuck's sake, why not just leave it out year long? It's just silly to put it out now.

And I am so there.

Triana said...

OMG. That's a real movie? I can't even pick my jaw up off the floor long enough to be appalled about the Halloween candy (which is ridiculous).

SkylersDad said...

I can't believe it's real!! That looks way too good to be true.

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: Srsly, might as well. GROSS!

Tri: I KNOW! I felt like I was watching the rom-com Shining spoof set to "Solsbury Hill" or something.

Skyler'sD: Looks fucking GREAT.