Thursday, July 24, 2008

You wanna be the Lone Ranger or the Cisco Kid?

Veloute was telling me I should totally sing Lubbock Or Leave It, and inasmuch as I would love to, I think I might totally suck! And really, that's ok.

It is a great song about hypocrisy, and for anyone who doesn't know, Natalie Maines is from Lubbock, Texas--hey, just like Buddy Holly. The lyrics say...

International airport
A quarter after nine
Paris Texas, Athens Georgia's
Not what I had in mind
As I'm getting out I laugh to myself
Cause this is the only place
Where as you're getting on the plane
You see Buddy Holly's face

I hear they hate me now
Just like they hated you
Maybe when I'm dead and gone
I'm gonna get a statue too

which Maines explains...

"It's not just about Lubbock, but about any small, hypocritical town. Mike was asking me for all the details - the stores, streets and I came up with this long list of names. We talked about the irony of having a big painting of Buddy Holly at the airport - that his face is the last thing you see before getting on a plane! I do feel bad for my family who's still there and has to defend me - after everything they already went through, to have to do it again."

On a complete different note, I am enjoying The Stand...on chapter 6, but that's a little bit like sneezing into the ocean. And I did order Vel a copy of The Post-Birthday World because the book meant a lot to me and I was quite fond of it. Though there was no right "choice" in the end, I certainly have my opinion about which was the right choice. So there.

Also just polished off Wil Wheaton's Dancing Barefoot, which was really enjoyable. The first few stories are cute (sorry if that's lame, I did appreciate them!) memoirs, followed by a Star Trek memoir laced with a miniature William-Shatner-sucks-donkey-balls rant, which I totally loved. Good stuff. Would really only recommend if you're a Wil Wheaton fan, tbh, which I totally am.


Veloute said...

I'm a fan, too. I'll add his book to my To-Read list!

I'm stoked you're going to sing that song!

You know, it's been a while, but I remember liking The Stand, too.

Ellen Aim said...

It's a good (quick!) read, I do recommend.

The Stand is proving to be an easy read, even though it's the size of two copies of War & Peace...

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Dixie Chicks are the reason I can now tolerate country music.

Ellen Aim said...

Word, my friend. And glad to see you're still alive!