Monday, July 14, 2008

You're taller than you look in the tabloids, Mr. Wayne.

Oh, it's ON, baby. Who's got tickets for Thursday night? MEMEMEMEMEMEME, that's who!!! 4 days and counting.

PLEASE BE THE MOVIE THAT ACTUALLY DIDN'T DISAPPOINT ME!!! Sex & the City and Wall-E have already successfully been accepted for those positions, and we're really needing someone to fill the Holy-Shit-That-Impressed Me slot. Okay? Thanks.

Finished season 3 of Weeds finally (seem to have been having a Netflix lull for a while there, but I'm over it). Great show. Though it occurred to me as I watched the cliffhanger, I wasn't sure which would be harder and more stressful--being a drug dealer or a parent. She has a lot on her plate.

Dinner was Bangkok Chicken last night, which I prepared as I made the icing for the carrot cake. One should probably not make cream cheese icing while making dinner, as one tends to, at that point, consume what could almost be a cream cheese icing dinner. I decided Fiona and Sophia would have done the same thing and that made me feel better. The fact that they are 6 and 3 (nearly 4!) is really quite irrelevant.


Veloute said...

Actually, they would probably prefer the Bangkok chicken. They love Chinese food. Fiona outright does not like cream cheese anything (believe me, I have tried numerous cream cheese frostings).

However, I would have joined you in the cream cheese icing dinner :)

I do not know when I'll get to see the Dark Knight, but I'm excited!

Ellen Aim said...

Well, it's Thai, but whatever. :D

No cream cheese??? Actually, I could see me being like that at that age. But it's SO FRICKIN' GOOD!!!!! Oh well, more for us!

I'll tell you if it's good, but I have a feeling it's GOING TO BE!!!!

Veloute said...

Oh, doh. Of course it's Thai.

Yes, more for us!!