Friday, July 18, 2008

An actor. Another goddamn actor. "I happen to have a lawyer aquaintance?"

So as I mentioned, totally loved The Dark Knight.

Watched it at the Studio Movie Grill, which I cannot recommend enough. Their food sucks donkey balls (do NOT order the cheese fries...I don't even know how to describe the consistency of what was clearly not real cheese in any way, shape or form), but they treat their prints with respect and they actually know how their sound system works. And this is definitely a film to be appreciated visually...and personally, there's just nothing quite like good sound. I had to wipe the seat down afterwards!

Sadly, while I was watching that, my friend J was screening Mamma Mia!, which he and I had both been looking forward to. J actually really loves musicals and is even familiar with the actual musical of Mamma Mia! I called him in his auditorium as our credits were rolling (before you find that horrifying, I should claify he's the head projectionist there and was screening it alone), and told him how much I liked Batman.

J: "You know why you liked it?"

E: "Why?"

J: "Because it wasn't Mamma Mia!"

Apparently it was horrendously acted, they pulled important songs, stuck new ones in, made different characters sing other people's songs, you name it. I think you can get away with toying with the original material to some extent...after all, he liked Evita and they obviously put in new material for that and had Madonna sing Another Suitcase, Another Town (which makes NO SENSE...honey, just because it's a good song doesn't mean your character should get to sing it). I liked Evita, too, so I completely trust J on this one. If he says don't waste my time on it, I probably won't. Well, I'll Netflix it. Surely I've seen way worse for Meryl and Colin.

So I'm glad I loved Dark Knight because it meant going to bed at 3:30am and getting up at 6:30am for my chiropractor. My neck was feeling as badly as it did in the first place, so I was glad to get adjusted this morning. I also got "the roll bed" today, which is this bizarre bed with a rectangle cut out of the middle for your back to sink into and a big rolling pin rolls over your back, pushing you up and down. It wasn't really good or bad, and I'm not sure if it really did much. But whatever.

I would make margaritas tonight to aid in its recovery, but given the amount of sleep I've had, I'd probably pass out right on my coffee table and drool til my face stuck to the surface.

So maybe just water tonight...

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