Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I want to get high off this, not sprinkle it on my fucking Oaties.

My voice teacher was out of town last weekend, so I had a makeup lesson this morning. It went very nicely, though I'm still trying to get over loathing the sound of my own voice. (Is that a problem?) He said something that sort of terrified me, though. Apparently they have bi-annual concerts and there is one in October; he mentioned that Easy Silence is coming along very nicely and I should sing it. Is he fucking insane? Has he HEARD me sing?? I gave a shrill laugh and told him that would be a cold day in hell. Only, you know, more politely.

So I did actually re-watch American Beauty this weekend. It got the Oscar for Best Picture nearly ten years ago and I've seen it a few times since, but not in recent years. (From the Oscars, I mostly just remember Kevin Spacey picking up Best Actor and thanking his mom for driving him to acting lessons all the time. It was cute.)

I have to admit, I've gone back and forth with how I feel about that movie. Initially I loved it, then one day it struck me as forced and trite ("You want to see the most beautiful thing I ever filmed?"); but having said that, it certainly has its moments. I easily tire of the whole Kevin Spacey/Mena Suvari lust fest, though I realize it's also the impetus for all the changes he makes in his life. (Seriously, am I the only one who thinks she looks vaguely troll-like?)

Ultimately, it's well written (for the most part) and well acted and a very enjoyable watch. Especially if I just sort of sit back and turn off my brain, I don't get hyper-critical. It's just a little too in love with itself at times, but I suppose we can let a few things slide.

I'm really getting in to Battlestar Galactica, good times. Still just on season 1 but I'm ripping through at a good pace. Next two discs are on the way, along with something my mom recommended called Jindabyne (starring one of my favorite underrated ladies, Laura Linney) and because I'm a sucker who just doesn't learn, Kenneth Branagh's remake of Sleuth. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure the original is better, but you know what? It's not on DVD. So there. And Michael Caine is in both, anyway.

THREE DAYS TIL DARK KNIGHT!! *drooooooooooools*


Anonymous said...

It should have been well written, since it was basically ripped off from Hemingway's "The Short Happy Life..."

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, I haven't read that one, so I never realized!

I was actually referring to the dialogue, for the most part, but for all I know that may have also been lifted goods.

Anonymous said...

Not so much the dialogue but the basic premise, emasculated husband finally grows a pair, gets shot by wife.