Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is where we make the medicine. Perhaps you should have some.

TWO DAYS!!!! Or even, "tomorrow night", if you will.

Maggie's looking quite sexy, I hope she has more than six minutes of screen time.

On a completely different note, I found out the name of the girl we saw at The Elephant Room.

Her name is Kat Edmonson and her myspace page has four tracks (the one that automatically starts is the only single you can actually buy) but I really recommend her rendition of The Very Thought Of You--she has the perfect voice for it. Too bad you can't hear her sing Over the Rainbow, which really caught my attention (even amongst all those White Russians). But we picked a great night to someone else pointed out, she has a vague Billie Holiday thing going on.

(Upstage at The Elephant Room.)

I've been terrible about working out lately, but I'll be better. Going to swing by tonight on my way home. Maybe. Thought about it briefly last night, but it was raining. Like, storming. And somehow that was enough of an excuse for me!


Triana said...

Ok, we tried to buy tickets yesterday and every single show at both Alamo Drafthouses for Friday is sold out. DUDE.

I'm sobbing.

Ellen Aim said...


I weep with you. I would only see it somewhere the audio will ROCK!!!

wish you could be here at the bitchin' arlington theatre.

promise not to post a SINGLE SOLITARY SPOILER!!