Thursday, September 21, 2006

You have that sharp, useless look about you.

omfg, WE HAVE INTERNET. It is glorious. I love it to pieces.

On another huge plus note, I finished painting the entire reading/spare bed Shire-room (remember, it's shire green) with D's help last night. And he was yard-ing it up all day, so he was a peach to help. But I had to finish it because today they are delivering....the new spare bed! Very excited. Now Kiwi Derek or Canadian Nell or my mom will have an actual bed on which to sleep! Preferrably not all at the same time. And it even fits in the designated 'bed' area I had allocated. Sweet.

Just got the kitchen left. Technically, also have to do the two bathrooms as well, but they aren't urgent. No one ever sees my bathroom and the guest bathroom is such a spectacle of ugly that new paint will be a mere dent in its salvation.

Got the naked Barbie tops for Rob's cake yesterday. I was giving them a test-run for position possibilities and you know? It's actually kind hard to get them to make out. Their boobs get in the way. I'm 27 and Barbie is still rubbing my nose it in. So in retaliation I think I am going to have to resort to far more profane positions. I have four, after all. To quote Kevin Smith, I think someone's gonna get filled out like an application. Don't worry, I'll take pictures. Which, come to think of it, really just sort of adds to the whole obscene-ness of it.

And speaking of obscene, I listened to The Nate and Di Show epsiode #77, Hell in a Handbasket on the way to work this morning. Oh my. Indeed. But good shit, very enjoyable. As Mob said, always great to listen in on people going to hell faster than myself!

So the house is going nicely, got nearly everything squared away for the wedding (hopefully)...though I did change our wedding night reservations from the Hotel Zaza to the Hotel Adolphus. I consulted first with my friend Morris, who seems to have a fairly in-depth knowledge of our downtown hotels. Not sure I want to know why that is, but it sure does sound naughty. He highly recommends it, so off we go. My reasoning was that the Zaza was going to be $350 for the night as opposed to the $129 at the Adolphus. And the latter, considering the hotel, is shockingly cheap. I mean, I know it's a special occasion, but there's splurging...and then there's crazy talk.

And I got a weird call last night around midnight I did not answer, from the head projectionist whining about how tired they were at work. Which leads me to believe it will shortly be followed up with the "Can you work tonight?" call. No. nonononononono. No. Playing with house! Go away! I plan on stomping my feet if necessary. Nah, just kidding. I'm planning on lying like any normal person.


sKincarver said...

Kiwi Derek?
Canadian Nell??
Johnny Two-Lips???

You know lady, sometimes your blog is like reading a script for some bizzare-ass kids show.

Sounds like you kids have everything going your way in the house. This is good.

Ellen Aim said...

Lol! Well, I have to distinguish the two Dereks, and "New Zealand Derek" takes too long. Canadian Nell I have no excuse for except we gotta let people know not to confuse her with the REAL Americans. And that fish thing? It outright DEMANDED a name!

So far so good in the house. Which is great since we have no money now! Plan for one year: sit at home and watch Netfux and sit in spa.

Mob said...

I thought all those names sounded like Dick Tracy villians.

Glad you're settling in well.

Yasamin said...

at least you have beds. the nickster and i sleep on this Ikea monstrosity. it used to be cool... nows its just painful.

ps hahahahahahahaa@ spectacle of ugly. thats outstanding.