Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sorry about Dean's faggotry.

Man I hate it when people sneak the crazy past you. We have a nice customer who does paintings and photography and today she had a strange reprint that looked like a mistake. And she got several of that one. I just do what I'm told. However, I happened to also be the one to hand her order over. She brought the photos out, placed them in front of me and said, "What do you see?" Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I thought. Really, it's just this mass of white and gray out-of-focus weirdness. I cannot even reach for out-of-my-ass guesses, I'm lost. I shrug and smile and say I have no idea. "Do you see Jesus?" she asked. Ok, now, I like to think I am a master of masking my true feelings, but there has to have been a moment where the fear positively leapt from eyes. I kept the smile (no doubt looking glued at this point) and glanced down and said, "Oh! Yeeeah..." and really, sure, I could see where she was getting it. Her camera was in her passenger seat, apparently, and the shutter had gone off, taking a picture of part of the seat in the light. Which made a kind of [lame] Jesus shadow. But some of us were raised in proper pagan households and don't see Jesus in the cheese, I beg your pardon.

And better still, one of our real crazies brought in a photo for the umpteenth time. She brings it in for copies a LOT. She is taking it to Turkey next week. It is a photo of a photo of Mary. It has flash blur. This is when the flash is still going off but the camera moves. We see it a lot in weddings--low light situations. It has been explained to her, but the "double image" to her is apparently, the AURA of Mary. I. Cannot. Make. This. Shit. Up.

And on that note, time to hit Central Market for the purchase of three, count them three different kinds of pumpkin ale. Mmmm. Pummmmmmmmmmpkinnnnnn.


Veloute said...

Shut up! Pumpkin Ale? Good times.

I quote:
"But some of us were raised in proper pagan households and don't see Jesus in the cheese, I beg your pardon."

That's because cheese is the devil's plaything, remember?

Ellen Aim said...

Ah, so far the second pumpkin ale has far more body than the first...

Mmm....cheeeeeeeeese....lol, that explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you hurt me with the line Vel quoted. Brilliant!


Ok, so hitting CM for pumpkins. Damn, I can't wait to get to Vermont and at least have fall for 4 freakin' days. I love fall!

*runs off to check the cider situation in the fridge. Woodchuck, of course*