Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When you sacrifice a goat, do you then summon hellfire?

Ok, it's Wednesday the 13th and there's a bizarre dead bird outside the photo store's door. A bright yellow parakeety thing, like someone's frickin' pet. It's weird and surely a very bad omen. Though it is a really gorgeous day out. I guess bad things can happen on gorgeous days, though. It's nowhere near as cool as Mob's dead bird, but still.

And it's always bad when you realize how poorly some of your co-workers handle stress, or rather, don't. Take our personnel manager. Some backstory will be needed, so hear me out. 41 years old, very Catholic and we're fairly certain, never actually had a girlfriend (or whatever). You would probably find this unbelievable if you worked with him for a while, as he seems normal. But in any social situation involving unfamiliar ground, a cute female, stress, pretty much anything actually, he totally shuts down. Stressful situations here at work? He flips the fuck out. It ain't pretty. He actually said one time that in the event he ever did meet a nice girl and ask her to marry him, if she said no he would probably throw things. He's not abusive by any means, but rather, insanely childish. Beyond what you might expect. So every once in a while, like today, I get a glimpse of that and then I remember that's probably why he moved back in with his parents.

Infact, he has greatly improved in the past 1-2 years. I recall back when I first started working here and it was not at all uncommon before noon for employees to ask around if anyone had talked to him yet that day. It was far smarter to see if anyone else knew if he was in a particularly sour mood, as it was fairly often the case.

If he were still like that, I honestly don't think I'd still be here. Which might be ok, too, as I'm pretty sure this isn't an actual grown-up job. But oh well.

Anyway. In the middle of a two-parter of House, M.D. toward the end of season 2. It is agonizing. I want Forman (Omar Epps) to positively rot in hell, his character is such a shit. One more disc and then I start in on the new season 3, which my family has been wonderful enough to tape for me, squee! (If you recall, we sadly have neither cable nor internet at the moment, but come Saturday, oh baby, that is going to change). We hope. We are dealing with some of the most moronic specimens our human race has to offer. I've just got my fingers crossed.

Rings tomorrow, whee!

Got much of the entry way and kitchen painted. That place is crawling with ugly-ass wallpaper, it's out of control. When I pried off a lightswitch cover, it revealed even older wallpaper under the first layer of horridness. Looked like goddamn Christmas paper...aaaaaaaand I even finished unpacking nearly all the boxes! So exciting. I am going to have one tasty ass bottle of something when I get the place presentable. I'm sure it'll never be "finished," so I think in terms of "presentable."

And in cleaning up the harddrive here at work I found I still have the wedding invite photos that Cinema Mark did on here! So for anyone who never saw them, here they are. Actually, the first is the invite, the second is just me not being able to keep a straight face. And contrary to popular belief, the photo was my idea and no, D is not forcing me to get married on Halloween. But Mark is the one who added veins to my cheek and made my eye cloudy, tinkered with the color, basically made it look far better than I ever could!


Mob said...

Just to reiterate, I LOVE your engagement pics.

Great stuff!

Ellen Aim said...

Thank you! We have to send out another announcement type thing so everyone has the address. Let's just say I've purchased two plastic flamingos...though I've named them Wolfie and Stanzi, so don't go thinking they aren't classy flamingos.

sKincarver said...

Those pics rock harder than anything that has rocked before.
You two look disgustingly happy.

Ellen Aim said...

lol! Thanks, skinny C! I've been working for two days without really seeing him, but I'm pretty sure he's still around...somewhere...

Veloute said...


I LOVE those pictures soooooo much.

Yes, I am going to cry at this wedding. Happy cry.

I can't wait to see Wolfie and Stanzi.