Friday, September 08, 2006

Driving with a load not properly tied down?

Sweet! I finally posted my first little review over at Big Suck Loser. Finally! And sadly, it's for Hollywoodland, which pretty much let me down bigtime. Just plodded along and did a crappy job telling the story. But if you follow the link you can read all about it. But yeah, the Afflecktion did kinda kick ass.

And yesterday late afternoon Blogger started giving me shit about my cookies, so I had to leave without linking to the rest of my crappy pictures.

Quite possibly the world's shittiest sink. I mean, what the fuck is it made of? And could the garbage disposal side be any smaller?? But then there is the kitchen, which is grand and lovely. The fridge even has a beverage compartment in the door for my wine! And there is the living room (note Gladys, Vel and Alex!), which is still getting worked on, see the crap everywhere? The double doors lead out to the sunroom which houses, lastly the spa! Whee!

Ok, much later in the day...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. D's car has been kinda sputtering and puttering and he finally took it in. I'm trying to keep in mind that the car hasn't been worked on in years, really, so this may just be the sum total of work it's needed for awhile. But fifteen hundred goddamn dollars?!? Once you own the car, nearly everything is worth not buying a new one. Almost. But the radiator is cracked, the fuel line is bad, all kinds of shit giving him bad gas mileage and all kinds of problems. Here's where I piss and moan that I wish I knew anything about cars. But I don't. So time to bend over and well, you get the idea.

So then we find out Time Warner is going to give us internet next Saturday and instead of the $5 transfer fee or whatever the Christ they charge, it's now a new set-up fee of $25. D argued with them but had to get off the phone and decided he would call them later. I called instead. And while I did speak with a fairly brainless specimen, she did at least try. And Time Warner is just waiving the fee altogether. I wish I could just have decent customer service, rather than shitty customer service where I find myself forced to be shitty right back in order to get what I should have gotten in the first place. Working in customer service has only taught me that in America, if you bitch long enough and at the right person (and no, you don't have to be an asshole while you bitch, it's a delicate balance), you will get what you want. I hate everything ever, all due to Time Warner and those cunting locksmiths.

Almost two and time to start start drinking.

Niiiiiiiiiice. Topper for the day? My local forensics dude just had me sign out for three rolls. They only have me sign for it when it's actually evidence. And it's only evidence when it's of something illegal, yes, kiddie porn. Bring it on. I've been getting a little less nervous about these rolls in the past, as it is never kiddie porn. Today, however, is just the sort of day that it will be.

Whew. It's not. But one of my printer racks has snapped and I've had to rig it and it's barely working. So at least the day got me anyhow.


Veloute said...

Hi Gladys! Hee hee.

What IS that sink made of? *ponders*

You've got quite the decent looking kitchen there! How fabulous!

I'm loving the doors to the sunroom to Ahhhhh.

Can't wait to read your review! Woo hoo!

alex alex bo balex said...

Heh, I love Gladys watching over your living room. ♥ And it's neat to see all your furniture filling up the new space!

Girl, that kitchen is hot. As is the spa! *drools a little*

$1,500?!?!?! ;____; (I think the car knew you just bought a house. It's pouting?)

I like your review on BSL. I'll give the movie, and the Afflektshun, a shot when it hits DVD. ;) Your review has tempted me...