Thursday, September 28, 2006

Man is like a banana.

The kitchen. Is. Totally. Fucking. Done. It's painted, scrubbed, mopped, everything. I even managed to paint the window sills without Mouche hopping onto them. Amazing. And I love my kitchen.

One of our semi-regular customers backed into my car this afternoon, which you know, makes the day different. It was very minor, and even more impressive was that she left and then realized later what had happened and called us. She's older and thought she ran something over (don't ask, no one really gets this), but didn't really see what had happened. When she got home and saw green paint on her car, she called us to see if she'd hit anybody. Oh, just lucky me! And really, it's so minor. I feel like a bit of a cunt even having it looked at. I live in Dallas for fuck's sake, can I really keep track of the scratches and dings my poor baby manages to acquire (mostly at the Angelika, thanks) while left unattended? So because she called, it's going to get looked am I not a shit in this scenario? I did tell her that I'd check with her first regarding the damage--if it's really minor she'd rather pay for it out of pocket than have her premiums go up. Honey, it's body work, it ain't gonna be cheap.

What's even worse is that I was never really thrilled with this lady to begin with. But honestly, it seems to depend on whether or not she's medicated that day. She's been okay lately...

Did I mention my awesome kitchen?

And what REALLY makes the day complete and perfect...wait, gotta go make sure it's still going...yes, mom, the cuckoo clock is GOING. This bitch has to be in JUST the right spot and at JUST the right angle and every single one of the cuckoo gods must be pleased...and THEN your clock shall work. We've had this clock at my house since I can remember and I got to bring it to my new house the day before yesterday...only it really hated me (and probably still does). But for now, for RIGHT NOW and for at least an hour now, it's WORKING. And the middle weight is dropping and apparently is unstuck. I LOVE this cuckoo clock (am I misspelling that?) and it would have been a shame to kick the shit out of it.

But one small annoyance of the day was that I found a farm like, two miles from my house! And their website promised strawberries! So I drove by on my way home...yes, to a sign that read, "Closed Until September." I love signs like that. Like when you get a business's voice mail during the work day and it starts to read off the hours of operation as if you're calling at 3am on Saturday night. Stupid farm.

And Derek from NZ is here! He's in LA and apparently it's one of the dirtiest shitholes he's ever seen but he's really glad to be here. What's really sad and unusual to me is that only now, four years after living in Japan, his accent just tickles me, like any fuckwit American. (You KNOW he's being bombarded by dumbshits going, "Say XX!" which he'll find cute and endearing for about five more minutes). But originally he just a lot of other people around! And here I am, still saying things like "fixin' to." *sighs*

The cuckoo just chimed! It's still gooooooooooing!!!

Very much looking forward to Mob, K and a bunch o' weird titties this weekend. Please let there be several gay men around to keep me company!

Oooh, speaking of gay men, one of my bridesmaid's moms is making me a set of jewelry for my wedding! Really impressive crystals for a necklace, earrings and an anklet! (The last of which was my idea instead of a bracelet, which I don't really do, save my sterling charm bracelet...and Alex knows it's just an angsty teenage Dead Again throwback, and hey finally, it's all mine). But they are really gorgeous and I will try to post them tomorrow when it's not 3am.

I threw up three flicks to the top of the Netflix from Entertainment Weekly's (!) list of top 50 teen flicks ever, which my dad sent me. I saw Can't Buy Me Love maybe twice in my life, so I just now watched it again. *squirms embarrassed* to admit that holy shit! It was actually much better than expected! Totally painful Act II--III transition, O U C H, but really, it holds up remarkably well, especially considering it holds nearly zero nostalgia for me. Infact, parts of it bordered on cute. Fuck, I really did just say that. I also found the lead...Patrick Dempsey?? ok, I don't really know who the fuck that is, but apparently he gets around these days...well, he looks a lot different NOW...but back then he was (at least in this film), pretty damn dorky cute. Netfux is having maintenance at the mo', so I cannot tell you the other two high school flicks on the way. (Thought I'd have a threesome). I think Splendor In the Grass is idea on the other.

And I gave up on Lost. I just can't care. D is still watching. I told him if he finished this disc I'd bump up one of his horror flicks. I listened off and on while fixing the kitchen. Know what I missed? NOOOOOOTHING! Stupid cocktease. I got other fish to fry, get off my queue.



sKincarver said...

What really kinda weirds me out is this old lady "thinks she ran something over", but keeps going and calls back later.

You: HelloooOOo!
Old Lady: Is it dead yet?
You: Excuse me?
Old Lady: Is it dead yet?!?

Veloute said...

Where are pictures of sparklies?