Monday, September 04, 2006

Ruprecht, do you want the genital cuff?

Ok, so there is no longer internet at the house. If you find the following to be confusing, please seek a job at Time Warner Cable:

We live at the new address on Mahonia; the old account is on Arapaho.
The previous residents at Mahonia have asked their account be terminated on September 14.
We live at Mahonia. They are gone.
May we please have internet?

Again, if I lost you there, please seek a job with Time Warner. An annoying future awaits you and your customers. Actually, making it even stupider...the account is commerical, not residential, so apparently a whole other side of TWC has to get involved. I don't know WHY this is so complicated, but it is. Holy jesus is it ever.

And the modem WAS working, but from what I gather from Moron #4 is, basically: everything was hunky dory until the modem or whatever it sends its signal to, sat up in bed one day and went, "Holy shit! Who are you??" and then leapt out of bed and out the door. But for three, nearly four days, it had no idea. What a slut.

So it may be a while before D or I update BSL (I swear I AM going to actually start blogging on it, I do) or D can even update his blog.

I did get a lot done yesterday, I finally figured out how to drain the spa. They have the spa right next to a window, so you would think you could just connect the hose and drain it into the sink. Apparently gravity is not that interested in helping out. So the sink was out. But I did manage to drain it and I'm sure it's nothing the EPA needs to know about. Now that whole room just needs re-doing, including curtains (apparently we bought the house from exhibitionists).

I like my smooth-top range. It's neat.

Mouchette loves the sunroom and entry way, I was finally brave enough to let him out. (Although I did make sure all the screen doors were locked, cause he might just reach up and open one). You could tell Bourdain really want a piece of the action, or to at least look cool, but he is really not into the outdoors. Which is great with me. Stay inside. Love the indoors. Outside bad.

And it has been raining and raining and raining today! So nice. Yesterday never even broke 80F. Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Please stay this way.

Thanks to Mob over at Dear Bastards, I've been listening to The Nate and Di Show, which is damn funny. I downloaded a few at random, and the very first one happened to be the infamous mall parking lot episode. Apparently I need to listen to the one involving morning glory seeds...

Ok, back to work. And back to offering up sacrifice in the hopes of improving the brain power of the shit squishing collective fuckwits over at Time Waner Cable.


Mob said...

Nate and Di rock.

Good luck with cable folk, they live in a world all their own.

sKincarver said...

Listen (or read, I guess)...Time Warner was the worst part of my moving. I'm serious. When you're a net I know you are...this shit will make you furious. I had them out at least 3 times before mine was correct.
And mine still blinks out from time to time...just random spurts of "hey guess what? fuck you!".
And here's a little hint: No matter what the first fucktard that comes to your house says...your modem and the TV can't share a line. Also, the lines that go to your TV ARE NOT the same as the one that goes to your modem. Once you decide where you want the modem to be, it's there forever...unless you want these special olympic bronze medalists back in your attic.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Damn my lack of net at home. I've downloaded the latest cinemaslave and a couple Nate and Di 'sodes to keep me sane for the next couple of drives. They won't miss the blank CDs here in the lab...

skinny c: I've never wanted to beat people's faces in the way I have this past week. The locksmith, the cable, the electric...this is that moment where I start to wonder, "Is it me? Am *I* the asshole?" But I'm fairly certain these people honestly are THAT incompetent. It's depressing, but all signs point to "YES!!"