Thursday, September 14, 2006

How's Duckface?

Good news and bad news. Bad news is we won't have internet til Wednesday now, but on the plus side, it won't be with Time Warner. I realize they are all evil, but I will take competent and evil over fuckwit evil any day. Since we have to get a landline anyway for the security system, it was so much cheaper to do a bundle DSL thing. So whatever. At least the satellite is still going in this weekend. But poor D has been so internet deprived!

Whee, wrote my second review on Big Suck Loser for Last Kiss. I had no idea how badly it was going to suck, I swear. Infact, I can't really get into it again or I'll just get all pissed off. And I'm such a moron I can't get the title to work, so I had to request the help of skincarver to point me in the right direction. Hopeless even with the whole cut-and-paste, really. It's sad, I know.

But speaking of how bad last night's film sucked, I am worried for tonight's. It is standard that our films at the theatre suck. Period. So you can see my concern for Black Dahlia. The Angelika Film Center is getting it, cross it off your list, people. Nah, we'll see. Fingers crossed.

Moving into a house, getting settled, stupid crap, is sooooooooo stressful! I know this is tediously obvious, but I just have no new words. Alarm permits, landlines, locksmiths, cable or satellite, blah blah blah. Fuck. And everyone has their special offers, everything has activation fees and installation fees which you know they can waive at the drop of a hat so what's the magic word...on and on it goes. Kill me, please.

VERY much looking forward to our old roommate Rob's birthday. I think I mentioned the cake I want to make. Strawberries and nude top-half barbies with little beer candles. Damn it's going to be fun. If it works I'll post pictures. Hope it tastes good, too.

I'm getting a little pissy actually because I have not worked on the house since Tuesday. Had to screen stupid POS last night and again tonight, and that's great and all but I do get to bed much later in addition to doing fuckall to the house. I have a bad feeling tomorrow night is going to see me hunkered down in front of The West Wing, not moving one inch...


CinemaslaveJoe said...

I'm cautiously (and perhaps stupidly) optimistic regarding Black Dahlia. The trailer's just too good for me to abandon all hope. And hey, once upon a time Brian De Palma didn't completely suck ass, so maybe we'll get lucky. Still haven't seen Hollywoodland yet. This weekend, hopefully.


Ellen Aim said...

I'm about to blog about it, but it was the biggest waste of time. I'm way depressed about it. WILL I EVER SEE A GOOD MOVIE IN THE THEATRE EVER AGAIN!?!??!

Hollywoodland is (siiiigh) waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than BD.

Veloute said...

Like the cake idea. Very classy.